Play it again, Sam 13 December 2019 Sam Harrison returns to the floor at Hammersmith’s Riverside Studios, where his brasserie is set to be a blockbuster
In this week's issue... Play it again, Sam Sam Harrison returns to the floor at Hammersmith’s Riverside Studios, where his brasserie is set to be a blockbuster
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01 January 2000

1. Brazil nuts may be used whole, nibbed or ground in both sweet and savoury dishes, but it is essential that the nuts are fresh. How will the colour of the kernel change and the flavour deteriorate in older nuts?

2. If you were asked to order a case of Oh My Darlings, which supplier would you contact and what would you receive?

3. What is the distinctive flavour of traditional Welsh butter, and why was it originally produced in this way?

4. Ossogrande, elsanta, honeyoe, selva and evita are all types of which fruit, and what is particular to the last of these?

5. The French vinaigre des côteaux Nantes is produced from which type of liquid, and which type of seafood is its shallot-flavoured variety designed to accompany?

6. Lemon grass, widely used in Far Eastern cooking, has become one of the more popular herbs to have found its way into the British kitchen. How does it keep the flies away?

8. Pulque is a popular Mexican drink. What is it, and what is its connection with Tequila?

9. When preparing riz pilaf au fromage, at what point in the recipe should the cheese be added, and in what form?

10. Why are rognures not required to work correctly, and from where are they obtained?

11. When cooking the suprÁ me de volaille dishes aux champignon Á la crÁ¤me and aux pointes d'asperges, how does the preparation of the chicken differ?

12. Spanish red wine described as Gran Reserva must have been matured for five years. Where must this take place?

13. It is good manners in China to place one large spoonful of rice in your bowl then a second small scoop. Why?

14. Géromé is a soft cows' milk cheese. To create its distinctive flavour, cloves or aniseed are added. When fully ripe, what colour should the cheese be?

15. What type of cheese is the Greek kefalotiri, and which Italian cheese is often used as an acceptable substitute?

This week we are seeking the name of the country where this style of Scotch egg is a popular snack. Other similar pastes are prepared as rissoles and served on the menu as a variety of kababs.


24oz lamb mince

4 hard-boiled eggs

1 onion, finely chopped

2in fresh ginger, minced

6 cloves garlic, finely chopped

3 sprigs mint

1oz garam masala

1 egg

3oz white breadcrumbs

Milled pepper and salt


Place the meat, herbs and spices in a bowl and blend to a paste. Split the mixture into four, flatten and mould round each hard-boiled egg. Chill for one hour.

Beat the egg and wash each chilled egg, then coat well with breadcrumbs. Heat the deep-fat fryer to medium temperature and cook gently, ensuring the meat has time to fully cook before removing.

Drain the fat and slice in half. Serve.


l Accompaniments to this dish may include salad, onion rings, lemon wedges and plain yogurt.

l This dish is named after the narcissus Nargisi, as the cut egg displays the similar colours.

l Another dish particularly popular in this part of the country is cooked in a clay oven, the name of which is used to describe dishes by this method.

l A national beer, now popular in the UK with this style of cuisine, is named after a fish-eating bird.

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