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1. Sercial and Rainwater are both excellent types of Madeira, from the island of the same name, and are recommended for serving with consommé. The name is derived from the fact that the casks are left to stand in the rain.

2. This culinary term means to coarsely chop and can be applied equally to items such as garlic and parsley.

3. This is not a mustard-flavoured liqueur but a notable blackcurrant one, cräme de cassis.

4. Soubise and sauce aux oignons both have a béchamel base and are white sauces. Lyonnaise, being a brown sauce, has a demi-glace base.

5. Swearing it was a religious conviction, he took the company to the Equal Opportunities Commission. The snack was a foul-smelling cat food.

6. Served mainly with desserts and used in the production of tiramisó, it comes from the Lombardy region.

7. Unlike salmonella, which originates in meat and poultry, staphylococcus is a bacterium that spreads from the human nose and throat and from septic cuts.

8. We probably know this better as the butter bean. It is a good source of fibre, protein, copper and iron.

9. The best ingredient is tomato juice. Ketchup may be used but it should first be diluted. Tomato purée should be avoided as it produces a bitter flavour.

10. Carpaccio is freshly sliced raw fillet of beef. It is normally served as an antipasto.

11. It is traditionally served black with lemon. To sweeten it, the tea is drunk through sugar crystals held between the teeth.

12. This is the fruit or nut, sweet, yeast pastry which we know as a Danish pastry.

13. One meaning is to colour under a salamander, as with fish in a sauce. The last is to coat with a jam or fruit sauce, as with a flan or tart.

14. All these salads contain nuts: (a) walnuts, (b) hazelnuts and (c) sliced almonds.

15. This is the French term for mulligatawny soup. Its distinctive flavour is obtained by the use of curry powder.

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