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Test your knowledge

1. In France this dish is known as pain perdu, lost bread. Although in the USA it is recognised as a French dish, it has another name. What is it?

2. To what does the “do-maker” process refer and what is significant in the way in which the yeast is used in the method?

3. The word noisette can be used to describe three different items. One refers to round individual cuts of meat. What are the other two?

4. Quail are normally served individually as a single portion, each weighing about 150g. Originally considered a game bird, why is this no longer truly the case?

5. Whitebait is small fish usually tossed in seasoned flour and deep-fried. Are they always a single type, or a variety of different fish?

6. A brown chaud-froid is made using a light demi-glace with the addition of gelatine. What is used to produce a pale pink chaud-froid?

7. Scallops, if not bought ready-cleaned, should be tightly closed with a bright and moist roe. What are the three sizes in which they are normally graded?

8. Which fish is often served in an ink sauce and is popular in most of the countries surrounding the Mediterranean?

9. This item starts in a pod, becomes a dried bean, then butter, solids, crumb and powder. It is then used in a wide range of cooking and confectionery. What is it?

10. What flavour is the non-alcoholic syrup, orgeat, which is used in cocktails and desserts instead of a liqueur?

11. Eggs should be stored between 0ºC and 5ºC, have a thick white and a thin yolk. Why do fresh eggs sink in water and stale ones float?

12. Large fish can have very coarse flesh, which is not a good eating characteristic. Are small fish the best size to select when buying?

13. Ladies’ fingers are also known as okra and gumbo. The pods, which should be bright green and firm, have a mellow, bitter flavour and are often used in stews. What effect do these vegetables have on the liquid in which they are cooked?

14. Craquelins are small pancakes which may be filled with a variety of different ingredients. How should they be finished?

15. Why should you never attempt to cook sugar when there is a high level of humidity or there is a particularly damp atmosphere?

l Answers to the quiz are on page 87

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