Enabling smaller operators to bake authentic pizza, the PO49X single deck pizza oven launched by Lincat at Hotelympia 2000 features a one-piece firebrick base with individual heat control of both base and oven temperature. Capacity is sufficient for four 9 inch pizzas, thin or deep dish.

The oven is thermostatically controlled to 400¼C and its 2.8kW rating enables operation off a 13amp plug. For operator comfort, attention has been given to heat sealing of the door, which has an offset grab handle. Price is £550.

A twin deck version, the PO89X, is available at £960, offering twice the capacity.

It is rated at 5.7kW and can operate from either a single or 3 phase power supply. Both ovens feature 20 minute audible timers. Lincat also makes the small Lynx LPO pizza oven, priced at £269 and able to cook two 9-inch thin crust pizzas.


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