Plusfood has developed a range of products split into three phases – Junior (up to 11 years); 11 Plus (11 to 16 years) and The Academy of Food (16 and over). For juniors, products include Cosmic Crunchies, vegetables and vegetarian cheese formed into stars, half moons, flying saucers and rockets and Pick Up Chicken Stix – tender pieces of chicken breast meat with a crispy cheese and herb coating.

For the 11-plus age group, there’s Breaded Cutlettes – prime chicken, beef or pork formed into a cutlet and coated in crispy crumbs or Battered Chicken Nuggets – chicken breast meat formed in nuggets and coated in batter.

For the over-16s, there is a host of products to choose from such as Vegetable Super Burger, a full 4oz vegetable burger and Mild ‘n’ Wild, tender chicken breast fillets finished in tasty coatings – Homestyle, Bandito, Buffalo and Mississippi.


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