200g pineapple
100g sugar
Vanilla pod
5cl Malibu
4 strawberries
1tsp sugar
1tsp lemon juice
20cl cream
20cl coconut milk


25g butter
50g icing sugar
40g egg white
35g flour
Vanilla pod
Sliced almonds
Coconut milk


3 eggs
50g sugar
30g flour
10cl egg white


Mix sugar and vanilla pod to make the caramel add pineapple. Cook slowly for 20 minutes. Add Malibu cover the pan until cold.

Whip cream. Cut strawberries into small cubes mix with sugar and lemon juice.

Make five corolle bases by melting butter add icing sugar egg white flour and vanilla pod. On each of the bases place one sliced almond pistachio and raisin and sprinkle with coconut powder. Bake at 180°C until golden brown.

To make the biscuit whisk the eggs and sugar for 10 minutes fold in the flour and whisk the egg white. Bake for 10 minutes at 200°C.

Place the biscuit in the centre of the plate brush on some coconut milk. Pipe whipped cream around the top of the biscuit fill centre with strawberries.

Pipe whipped cream on top. Put five corolle bases on the cream to make a corolle. Top with a whole strawberry.

Dress plate with pineapple and sauce from the cooking of the pineapple.

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