Edwin and Trudy Cheeseman, owners of the Carrington Arms, a former Caterer Adopted Business, are preparing to open a second pub in 1997, based on their successful cooking-in-view concept.

The pub under discussion is in the Peterborough area and, if negotiations go to plan, it will have 150 to 175 seats, somewhat bigger than the 96-seat Carrington Arms, in Moulsoe, Buckinghamshire.

The move is being made possible by the recruitment of two graduates from Bass, who have settled in well to the Carrington Arms style of business.

The Cheesemans are also in talks with Bournemouth University over a novel idea that could solve their perennial staffing problems. “We’re discussing offering a year-long student placement to a business studies student, “said Mr Cheeseman.

“What we can teach here is a good start for any business in terms of targeting customers, marketing and managing a business,” he said, explaining why he was not looking to take on a student from a hospitality course.

“Many people in hospitality don’t even consider themselves to be in business, but we can show the students how to operate a business from year one,” he added.

The Cheesemans have also considered taking a property in London, but have shelved the idea for the time being because of the difficulty of finding good-calibre staff.

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