Roy Ackerman and Nick Scade this month bought one of London’s oldest restaurants, and are planning two further acquisitions in the capital before the end of the year.

Restaurant de L’Etoile, which for the past 10 years has been run by Peter Tsactounidin, closed at the end of last month, apparently for its annual summer break in August.

However, the property, which has been run as a restaurant for nearly a century, was signed over to the new owners only days later.

The 25-year lease allows them to continue using the name, which Mr Scade said would definitely be kept in some form. It is expected to reopen in September.

L’Etoile will be the pair’s fifth venture since they joined forces to set up the Restaurant Partnership, which includes the Gay Hussar and Bistro Bistrot at Bailey’s Hotel, both in London.

They are also hoping to take over another restaurant currently being run by its owner, and have found a site for a new bistro. An announcement is expected in October.

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