Pubs and restaurants with limited outdoor space to accommodate their disenfranchised smoking customers may find a solution among the three competitively priced smoking shelters introduced by lighting specialist Lyco Direct.

Two of the models are wall-mounted canopies with powder-coated metal frames that are supplied flat-pack and simply bolted to an outside wall. The smallest measures 200cm x 150cm and will shelter three people while the larger model (which has two supporting legs bolted to the floor) can take up to eight people within its 300cm x 190cm footprint.

For larger sites, Lyco also provides a freestanding unit that looks much like a bus shelter. Although it is covered on four sides for all-round protection, it complies with the legal requirement to be 50% open by leaving gaps below and above the side panels. This shelter, which measures 245cm x 190cm, can hold up to seven customers and costs £2,091.75.

The wall-mounted versions sell for £462.15 and £777.75.

The group also sells signage (which is required to comply with anti-smoking legislation), patio heaters and ashtrays. 

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