(Serves 8-10 as a starter)

150g cooking chorizo
Olive oil
500g medium squid, sliced in rings
100g shallots, chopped
50g garlic, chopped
100g sun-dried tomatoes, diced
100g black pitted olives, sliced
100g green pitted olives, sliced
Splash of Jerez vinegar
Splash of fritada (Spanish tomato and red pepper sauce)
Lemon juice

Cook the chorizo under a grill with a little olive oil and set aside. Heat a little oil to smoking point in a large frying pan. Fry the squid, ensuring it catches fire (this will achieve a lovely smoky flavour). Take out the squid and keep hot.

Turn down the heat. Add extra oil to the pan and cook the shallots, garlic, olives and tomatoes. Deglaze with the vinegar and add a splash of fritada. Return the squid to the pan. Slice the chorizo on a plate and add it with its cooking juices and a little lemon juice to finish.

Wine match 2005 Le Clos de l’Azerolle Vieilles Vignes Minervois: “A spicy, rich red which has a full body and is peppery enough to complement the chorizo perfectly. It is mainly composed of Grenache grapes.” (£7.50 glass, £15 carafe, £22 bottle)

By Ollie Couillard

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