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Caterer’s top 10 hospitality video funnies

Caterer’s top 10 hospitality video funnies

Nothing funny happens in the world of hospitality does it? Well, that’s just not true.

The fact that some broadcasting type thought Ainsley Harriott worthy of his own show (the pithily titled Ainsley Harriott Show, aired on WNBC in New York City in 2000 and, unbelievably, cancelled due to low ratings) is cause enough for hilarity.

But if you delve deeper there are plenty of moments to make you truly grateful that, through the years, producers have insisted chefs and cameras are a match made in heaven.

Not only that but, here in our top ten of internet hospitality videos, we’ve dug out the original TV chef – the Muppet’s cack-handed, Swedish, singing bag of fabric – Eddie Izzard’s recreation of the Death Star canteen and the mysterious Carl Winter murdering the Beatles in the name of kitchen hygiene. Enjoy.


Gordon as the angry chef everyone knows and, well, maybe loves? Watch the video here

Dear Mr Winter, I can’t help but notice that you have used one of my ex husband’s songs in an informative info-film urging improved kitchen hygiene. I am writing to enquire if you obtained the royalties and if not whether you could send me some money in regards to this. Failing that, do you have any loose change? Watch the video here

A true pioneer. Shame he’s now consigned to a sock-drawer somewhere. Watch the video here

“Darth, I’m just popping to the shops for a Pepsi.” “You can’t, you’re on a Death Star, go to the canteen like everyone else.” Watch the video here

One of first rules of journalism; only change the quotes to improve grammar. Kind of like Cassette Boy has done here with Jamie Oliver. Watch the video here

Back when Gordon was harsh but fair. Almost. Watch the video here

The beatbox chef. Little known fact; he’s not a chef in real life.Watch the video here

Oh yes. This really happened. Don’t believe it? Go to On a side note, why’s he wearing a Girl Scout uniform? Watch the video here

If you’d pulled this off in real life you’d want it on your CV. Amazing. Watch the video here

Now, try and remember back when Gordon was mortal. Yes, mortal; it was the case once. Don’t believe us? Then have a look at this gem from the original Hell’s Kitchen. Watch the video here

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