The new Titan Dual coffee brewer from US firm Bunn-O-Matic can brew two 12-litre servers of coffee in six minutes and 129.8 litres of coffee per hour, which makes it suitable for high-volume operations.

The machine has an LCD screen and touchpad with step-by-step programming and diagnostics. It controls the coffee extraction process by means of preinfusion and pulse-brew, digital temperature control and a large sprayhead.

Coffee strength is determined by the variable by-pass feature and the BrewMeter interface that allows operators to adjust the intensity.

The large brew funnels – which incorporate splashguards and funnel locks for added safety – can hold up to 794g of ground coffee, while filter ring retainers keep the paper filters from folding over while brewing smaller quantities.

The three-gallon Thermofresh servers are foam-insulated to keep the coffee hot.

To buy it, call 01908 241222

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