1 Free night-bus passes for all hospitality workers.

2 Overhaul of the country’s tourism marketing infrastructure so that it includes London as part of England.

3 Free private healthcare for hospitality workers suffering from Chef’s Arse.

4 Pub landlords and kebab shop owners reclassified as key workers.

5 Base rate for restaurant tipping set at 25%.

6 Creation of a pub minister more than three months before dissolution of Parliament.

7 A freeze on imposing any new regulation, bureaucracy and red tape on UK businesses for five years.

8 The reintroduction of the Hotel Building Allowance.

9 A blanket ban on all pub karaoke, and free taxis for all at closing time.

10 An increase in budget to promote Britain in recognition of the Olympic Games in 2012, the Rugby World Cup in 2014, and the possibility of the Football World Cup in 2018.

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