Users of think staff in the hospitality industry are underpaid.

In an interactive poll featured on the Web site, 86% of respondents said employees were getting a raw deal. Only 14% thought pay was adequate.

One food & beverage manager commented: “As a university graduate it upsets me to see my peers outside the industry on higher wages, while due to my love of catering I am earning the same as unskilled individuals with a lower educational level.

“During the last year the hotel I have been working in has seen three middle management staff members leave for a job outside catering.

“The most common reason for this has been low pay and poor working conditions.

“Catering is slowly improving, with more and more employers realising that to gain and retain good staff they have to improve their pay and conditions.

“Unfortunately this may not be fast enough to prevent losing more skilled workers.”

The poll ran from 13-20 December.

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