AAK has launched a “Do The Maths” campaign to demonstrate the price savings caterers can make if they switch to its Prep ZT Long Life Oils – operators simply enter their oil usage and purchase prices into the online calculator at www.prepoils.co.uk.

The group claims its Prep ZT brand saves time and money by lasting two-and-a-half times longer than other extended oils, while the lower absorption rates produce food with a better appearance and texture.

To highlight its new service, AAK is giving away 10 mini chip frying baskets to the first Product Zone reader to be picked in a random draw. The 8.5mm x 70mm baskets offer a quirky way of presenting and serving a standard portion of chips.

The lucky winner will also receive a tub of Prep ZT and a Prep ZT Discard Kit comprising an oil wand and discard chart that will prevent oil being over- or under-used by determining when it needs to be changed.

To enter, e‑mail your name and contact details to aak@proactivecompetitions.co.uk quoting “Product Zone/AAK competition” in the subject field.

For more information about AAK Foodservice oils, call 01482 332100 or visit www.aak-uk.com

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