Do you upsell? To some it’s considered a dirty word, but the fact is that every business seeks to maximise its profit in some way. It doesn’t mean fleecing the customer; rather making sure you provide the right options at the right time.

In this week’s issue, we explain ways in which to extend the spend of your customers, not only to boost your business but to ensure that they, too, have the best experience possible. In a head-to-head on the case for and against upselling Osin Rogers, manager of the Ship in Wandsworth, points out that he would rather his customers leave “happy with their experience and looking forward to returning”. Indeed, a great experience inevitably means a happy customer, and one that will naturally spend more with you than the competition.

There are plenty of ways of enriching the customer experience without going for an uncomfortable hard sell. In fact, we’ve collected 20 ways in which you can extend the spend and give your guests the best possible experience. From splitting your wine by style to training staff on the specials, we provide all the tips you need to help your customers make informed choices.

Meanwhile, Roux at Parliament Square group general manager Alain Mara explains all the points at which it’s possible to influence customer spend through a meal, with a guide to when and how to make a suggestion.

The articles make it clear that it isn’t about “super-sizing” every order, or forcing products on to customers. It’s merely making sure that guests are aware of all options available so that they are able to make choices that are right for their tastes and your bottom line.

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