The Beer Kitchen is a new premium line of intensely flavoured, hand-crafted beers that is exclusive to the on-trade and has been created by family brewer Wadworth specifically for the fine-dining sector.

The five distinctive 330ml bottled ales were each developed to match different foods as an alternative to wine for discerning palates, but can also been used as standalone aperitifs or post-meal tipples.

They were developed in small batches at the Wadworth micro-brewery by three experienced brewers.

“We have used the very best ingredients to create these beers and will continue to brew them in small batches to ensure that they retain their unique hand-made quality,” according to head brewer Brian Yorston.

“Each beer is the result of a brewer’s personal quest to perfect a flavour that he has dreamt up and endorsed. Creating such special beers is truly a labour of love.”

The five beers are:

Wheat Beer -a light beer with a hint of clove and citrus; serve as an aperitif or with white fish or a light salad.

IPA – a pale-gold, fruity and dry traditional brew using four hop varieties; ideal with spicy and barbecued foods.

Orange Peel Beer – a rich golden tipple with orange and caramel flavours and aromas of citrus melon and spice aromas; serve with rich dishes such as game.

Whisky Barrel Aged Premium Bitter – a rich, dark nutty ale aged for two months with smoky vanilla notes that works well with cheeses.

Espresso Stout – a deep black velvet stout brewed with Kenyan Nyeri coffee beans and muscovado sugar; serve with a chocolate or toffee dessert.



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