Larderfresh has introduced a range of cheeses. The new range includes:

Hereford Hope – a rich creamy cheese with a hint of lemon bitterness. It is available in a 2kg pack and is priced at £7.10.

Tallegio – a pasteurised dessert cheese, semi-soft and sweet with a pinkish grey crust. It is available in 2kg packs and is priced at £8.55.

Rigottes Jar – a French cow’s milk cheese kept in a jar of oil, flavoured with bay leaves, rosemary and peppers. It is available in 2kg jars and is priced at £16.85.

Manchego – a Spanish hard pressed-cheese with tiny holes. It is unpasteurised and is made with a blend of sheep and goat’s milk. It is available in pack of 2.3kg and is priced at £12.45.

Picos Blue – a Spanish creamy blue cow’s milk cheese. It is unpasteurised with blue-green veins and a salty taste. Wrapped in maple leaves, it is often eaten in Spain with honey for breakfast. It is available in pack of 2.3kg and is priced at £16.10.

Supplier: Larderfresh

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