A total of 50 per cent of health and safety managers in the catering sector do not realise that employers can have responsibility for the health and safety of those not in their employment. The same percentage do not realise that a company can be guilty of Corporate Killing if a management failure is one of the causes of a person’s death and only 13 per cent are aware that one of the principle proposed sanctions is an unlimited fine.

A quarter do not know that individuals could face a long prison sentence for causing injuries and deaths through breaches or health and safety regulations.

These were just some of the results from a survey carried out by RRC Business Training among health and safety managers in companies with over 2000 staff.

It also showed that although the amount spent on health and safety training in the catering sector has increased this year, the increase in much less than in other sectors.

RRC Business Training has recently launched a health and safety e-learning service featuring IOSH and NEBOSH accredited courses.

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