The new Hyppocampus cutlery drier will dry, sanitise and polish silver or stainless steel cutlery in 40 seconds, according to the manufacturer. Clean, wet cutlery is loaded in the top of the machine and passes through a tunnel of corn granulate which, the company says, doesn’t need changing for at least three months. There are three models, the largest of which – the AS 80 (63 x 75 x 80cm) – can handle up to 8,000 pieces an hour. The company offers a service response within 24 hours, plus two-year guarantee on the new stainless steel tank.

Price: AS 80 (8,000 pieces an hour), £5,995; AS 30 (3,000 pieces an hour), £4,550; AS 20 (2,000 pieces an hour), £3,895

Available from: Hyppocampus UK

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