* I am a 43-year-old male hospitality tutor based in Kent and would like to meet an outgoing woman for socialising. Please call me on 01580 890280, or e-mail me at pregelous@hotmail.com.

* Operations manager, 31, North-east, seeking Kylie lookalike for fun and friendship. Please contact hotops@yahoo.com.

* I am looking for work experience, working beside the head chef if possible, in a prestigious restaurant or hotel, from any time now until the end of August 2003, when I will be starting the Professional Cookery Course (SGA) at Glasgow College of Food Technology. Please contact me on 01971 500 267, or e-mail me at o.lord@hcs.uhi.ac.uk.

* I’m looking for Julian Ayers and David Wells, students at Suffolk College B Tech course, year 1983-85, for class reunion. Please contact Marie Wright at yibidi@aol.com.

* Calling all dead ducks who have flown the nest and not left a trail. Anyone involved in Crest Hotels up to its demise in 1991 who is not receiving mailshots about the annual reunion is urged to e-mail any of these colleagues: kevin.gilling@liverpool-victoria.co.uk, Mike.Mitchell@umist.ac.uk or l.r.snow@aston.ac.uk. The 13th annual reunion is in Harrogate on 16 May.

* I am seeking an equity partner to participate in a venture in France – either Charentes or Dordogne – for upmarket b&b or guesthouse with small restaurant. New way of life, hopefully with swimming pool, good food, nice climate. If you are interested, please e-mail me at net@netedgar.fsnet.co.uk.

To place a free personal ad: e-mail your submission to caterer.responses@rbi.co.uk.

To answer a box number: write to Caterer & Hotelkeeper Personals, Quadrant House, The Quadrant, Sutton, Surrey SM2 5AS. Please write the box number on the outside of the envelope.

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