What does this job involve?

  • Taking responsibility for the team of porters, including organising the staff rota 
  • Duties often overlap with those of a concierge
  • Carrying luggage, storing luggage and dealing with lost property
  • Arranging transport for guests
  • Advising guests on directions and recommend places to visit.
  • Can involve an element of security – a good head porter will keep aware of who is going in and out of the building. You may also be responsible for the security of room keys.
  • If you are working at night, your duties may involve looking after new arrivals

What skills and attributes do I need?

  • Physical fitness is a necessity as you will be regularly carrying heavy loads.
  • You need to be well-presented and be friendly and helpful.
  • Extensive knowledge about the area you work in is very useful.

How can I get this job?

A head porter will have a lot of experience as a porter.

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