Total UK pub turnover declined by 1% in 2007 to £15.9b, according to Market and Business Development (MBD).

This represents the first decline in pub turnover during the five years to 2007. Although pub numbers have declined during this period, turnover continued to grow by between 1% and 2% .

The fall in turnover stems from the smoking ban introduced in 2007, the wet summer, rising costs, the gathering pace of pub closures and increased competition from cheap supermarket alcohol.

Pub turnover is forecast to fall by 3% during 2008 and 1% in 2008 before staging a moderate increase between 2009 and 2012 of a cumulative 3%.

Pubs that focus on food are expected to show the strongest growth.

The UK Public Houses Market Development report is compiled quarterly and annually by Market & Business Development. It costs £600 for a single annual report or £725 for four quarterly reports.

Turnover of public houses in the UK



% change

2001 £14.5b -1%
2002 £15b +4%
2003 £15.3 +2%
2004 £15.5b +1%
2005 £15.8b +2%
2006 £16.2b +2%
2007  £15.9b  -1% 
2008* £15.6b  -3% 
2012* £15.8b  +1% 

Source: MBD and trade estimates.
 * forecast figures

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