Wilson Storey Halliday and BaxterSmith are joining forces to form BaxterStorey – it will become the biggest independent contract catering company in the UK. 

The new company, which officially starts trading in the New Year, will have an annual turnover of £105m and employ 2,400 people in about 200 contracts nationwide and in Ireland.

It will be the fifth biggest contract catering company in the UK and its focus on the business and industry market will make it a substantial operator in that sector.

The new management team will be headed by chief executive Alastair Storey, who will look after strategic development, and deputy chief executive William Baxter, who will run the marketing and sales side of the business.

 “It is a really exciting prospect,” said Baxter. “The new company will be the biggest privately owned contract catering company in the UK and this will be a unique selling point.”

The other stakeholders are Linda Halliday, who will look after human resources, Keith Wilson, who will head commercial finance, and joint managing director Mike Smith.

Noel Mahoney, formerly of Baxter & Platts, will be the other managing director. 

For more exclusive details, see Caterer & Hotelkeeper magazine on Thursday

by James Garner

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