Wine waiter award

CONGRATULATIONS are due to Serge Borne of the Ritz, London, who has just won the UK title of the Best Wine Waiter for French Wines and Spirits.

At this time of year I always find myself saying the same thing about this competition and I don’t mind saying it again: Sopexa – formerly called Food & Wine from France – does itself a disservice by the limiting title which it insists upon for the competition.

The implication that contestants only serve French wines or that the service of French wines is different from the service of other wines, is clearly absurd in the modern world. It is chauvinism at its most ridiculous.

The competition and the award would have twice as much impact if it were simply called the Best Wine Waiter Awards. The words “Presented by Sopexa – Food and Wine from France” would adequately take care of the promotional aspects. And Sopexa, France and French wine and spirits would show up better for taking the lead in an international rather than a crudely national event.

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