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Test your knowledge

1. Cheese is the mainstay of breakfast, although a selection of fruits, sausages, pickled fish and breads are usually included. A Norwegian favourite is a cheese omelette. How is it cooked?

2. In Denmark an essential piece of cooking equipment is known as an aebleskiverpande. Is it (a) a deep-fat fryer, (b) a steamer or (c) a pancake pan?

3. Saint Lucia is the Queen of Light. In Sweden, her day ushers in the beginning of the festive season. Which day is it and what type of food is traditionally served?

4. Glîgg is a traditional Scandinavian hot drink, containing cinnamon, dried fruits, cloves, sugar and sometimes a quantity of spirit. What is the other essential alcoholic ingredient?

5. Knockp¿lse is the Danish version of the German knackwrst. It contains beef, pork and veal, as well as garlic, ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon. How is this sausage cured?

6. In Sweden, Thursday is traditionally known as pea soup and pancake day. This combination is still served in restaurants and private homes. Why was it a fatal menu for a Swedish king?

7. In almost every part of Scandinavia the dish known as “roast beef” is a favourite. Oksesteg is also roast beef. What is the difference between the two dishes?

8. Special buns are served on Fat Tuesday, a day with many other names including butter day, pork day and seven-meal day. In Britain, by what name is this day better known?

9. The local spirit throughout Scandinavia is akvavit. It is usually drunk in small glasses after being iced in the freezer. What are the two base ingredients that may be used in its production?

10. In 1396, Queen Margrethe of Denmark decreed that a kro must be established on Danish roads every four miles. In 1500 this was reduced to every two-and-a-half miles. What is a kro?

11. The Danish word sm¿rbr¿d is a term used to indicate an open sandwich. What does the Swedish word smîrg†sbord indicate?

12. Rommegrot is a Norwegian dish served at Christmas, on Midsummer’s day, festivals and at weddings. What is its role at a wedding?

13. In Finland, the sauna is a popular place not only to relax, but also to eat and drink. What is the most popular snack and how is it cooked?

l Answers to the quiz may be found on page 81.

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