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Wadworth & Co is a Wiltshire-based brewer, wholesaler and pub operator whose history dates back to the late 1880s. The privately-owned company is run by the founders’ descendants.

Its estate of tenanted and managed pubs are all within 80 miles of its base in Devizes, although they extend into nine counties. They include a number of inns with rooms across both the tenanted and the managed estates (where they are known as Wadworth Inns).

Wadworth’s brewing brands include the nationally-known 6X cask ale, along with the SummerSault, Henry’s IPA, Old Father Timer, and JCB beers sold in Wadworth pubs.

Key People:

Chairman and managing director: Charles Bartholomew
Brewing director: Trevor Holmes
Financial director: Ian Gordon-Finlayson
Sales director: Fred West
Retail director: Bob Macdonald
Tenanted trade director: Lloyd Stephens
Executive director: Major John Bartholomew
Non-executive director:  Sir James Butler


Unlike many of its peers, Wadworth has no intention of turning itself into a one-trick pony by narrowing its focus to become a pure brewer or a pure pub retailer.

Its respect for tradition is evident by its revival of the working shire horse, and they can be seen pulling two carts through its home town of Devizes each weekday morning.

The group’s cooper, Alistair Simms, is one of just five coopers left in the country making and repairing oak beer casks.


The company’s objective is to continue brewing, wholesaling and retailing in the high street for the foreseeable future.

Operating Data:

Number of tenanted pubs: 210
Number of managed pubs: 45 (including 13 Wadworth Inns)
Number of employees: 160 in head-office positions and nearly 500 in the managed pubs.


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