A look ahead to Hospitality 2009

17 December 2008
A look ahead to Hospitality 2009

Catering Equipment

Charvet (stand 306) will be showcasing its new E-Concept range, bringing in a new culinary architecture for compact kitchens.

Based on the principle of a 1,000mm-deep central island, EConcept offers the possibility of combining several core modules with many additional sections to design and construct a cooking suite to meet the requirements and confines of the smaller kitchen. All modules are traditionally chassis-built. Featured on the stand will be the Next Generation EConcept induction suite with new innovative features.

Aiming to improve the quality and taste of operators' coffee is Connaught Compliance Water Services (stand 866) with its Magi-Cal filter range. Designed specifically for the catering and hospitality industries, the filters remove impurities and lower the alkalinity of water so that coffee bean granules do not clump together and are allowed to flow unrestricted through the water.

The compact design of the MagiCal range of filters enables them to be easily positioned under most work surfaces and connected to multiple machines, so even the busiest coffee bars require only one filter. The filters also help prevent scaling, preserving the life of expensive equipment.

Beech tandoori oven
Beech tandoori oven
Equipline (stand 560) will announce the addition of a major range of prime cooking equipment to its existing portfolio from 1 February, and will exhibit the Beech range of ovens for the first time since being appointed the new UK distributor. The range includes standard circular ovens, custom-made ovens, bread ovens, tandoori ovens, duck ovens and the popular rectangular grill ovens, along with a wide range of optional extras.

Hoshizaki sushi display
Hoshizaki sushi display
Hoshizaki (stand 351) will present a new range of Sushi Display Cases designed to keep sushi ingredients in perfect condition for the longest possible time. A curved glass window in a black frame maximises the display area, while removable sliding rear doors provide easy access to the display. Their long, slim design means that they can be sited on a counter or even on a shelf as long as a 13amp power outlet is available. A powerful condenser maintains a constant temperature of 4øC, ideal for raw fish.

Testo (stand 404) will demonstrate its newly launched Saveris system, which offers continuous data monitoring for both temperature and humidity. The system automatically measures, documents and issues alarms whenever limit values are exceeded.

Testo Saveris food monitor
Testo Saveris food monitor
Testo Saveris can incorporate data from as many as 150 radio and ethernet probes or 254 measurement channels.

A benefit of the new measuring system is the Saveris radio probe, which removes the need for complex cable routing and which can be used in conjuction with ethernet probes in one system. During a monitoring cycle, the probes save their measurement data and send it to the central base unit at regular intervals. The base unit is able to store 40,000 readings per measurement channel so that, unlike other monitoring systems, Testo Saveris need not have a PC continuously connected.

The Saveris software is available in two versions - the basic SBE (Small Business Edition) and PROF (Professional). Features include diagrams, alarm overview, PDF reports, calendar management and the transmission of alarms via email, SMS or pop-up.

The Cutlery Polisher Company (stand 410) will be launching its newest model, The Mini Compact 1500. The machine is manufactured to the same high standards as the Mini and Midi models but, with a footprint of only 400mm x 400mm, it will fit easily on a tabletop and is therefore suitable for smaller caf‚s and restaurants where space is a problem.

Clean and wet cutlery straight from the dishwasher can be placed into the patented circular tank, which is coated in a food-safe rubber to protect cutlery from scratching.

The machines draw the cutlery through dry grain granules which suck out all the moisture while gently rubbing off water marks and polishing silver or steel to a high-quality sheen. At the final stage, the cutlery passes through a UV light which keeps the grain free from bacteria, maximising hygiene and delivering perfect knives, forks and spoons to diners.

As with all the company's products, the Mini Compact carries a two-year parts and labour warranty.

Watling Hope FilterShield
Watling Hope FilterShield
Watling Hope (stand 447) says that its FilterShield is the ultimate environmentally friendly defence against waste buildup in sinks, dramatically reducing harmful levels of pollutants and contaminants such as BOD, COD and SS, and with zero energy consumption.

FilterShield has a storage capacity of 25 litres and tackles everything from scouring pads and nuts and bolts through to perhaps the most persistently problematic waste food culprit, potato peelings.

Food and Drink

Almondy DAIM orange tarta
Almondy DAIM orange tarta
Almondy (stand 1137) bakes its Swedish tårta using an authentic recipe made with the finest ingredients, and all the cakes are gluten-free. Samples of Almondy's new limited-edition Daim Orange t†rta will be offered throughout the show, together with the rest of the range, including Snickers and the original Almond t†rta.

Each cake is pre-portioned for easy handling, and a slice defrosts in 10 minutes.

Six individually packaged slices make up the Cakes-to-Go range from the Handmade Cake Company (stand 1236). They are Boston Brownie, All Butter Flapjack, Caramel Shortcake, Cranberry & Sultana Flapjack, Chocolate Fruit & Nut Slice and Maple & Pecan Slice. The new range joins the existing whole cakes and traybakes from the Berkshire independent baker of handmade cakes, which are created in small batches using real kitchen cupboard ingredients.

Samples of new products from Major International (stand 571) will be available for tasting, including Beef, Chicken, Vegetable and Lamb Glaces, and a Heat and Serve Liquid Demi-Glace - a rich, dark, glossy brown sauce with a smooth texture and high-lustre sheen for use as a base for all brown sauce recipes.

Also, three new varieties - Tandoori, Oriental and Piri Piri - join the existing range of Mari-Base Marinades which currently comprises Steakhouse, BBQ, Bombay, Fajita, Thai, Hot Tomato, Caribbean, Moroccan, Tennessee and Honey, Lemon & Mustard.

Organic Green Dragon tea
Organic Green Dragon tea
Mighty Leaf Teas (stand 1131) has recently added two new blends to its award-winning biodegradable silken tea pouch format: Organic Green Dragon and Organic Detox Infusion. They bring the company's tea pouch collection to 19 traditional teas and signature blends, including black, green and white teas and herbal infusions.

Organic Green Dragon is a traditional, authentic Chinese plain green tea. Delicately pan-fired, the smooth, highest-grade China Longjing green tea leaves brew a nutty and buttery cup.

Organic Detox Infusion is a detoxifying herbal infusion with clean notes of mint and basil. This delicately sweet blend contains only organically sourced ingredients, all with documented health benefits.

MyDrap napkins
MyDrap napkins
The launch of a range of cotton napkins, placemats and cloths on a roll will be the focus at Rolldrap (stand 1147). MyDrap cotton napkins on a roll aim to bridge the gap between paper and more expensive linen napkins and come in a range of sizes and colours to meet all requirements. The manufacturing process uses a patented technology which enables the cotton material to be fused at the edges. This produces a napkin without hems at significantly lower prices than more expensive linen. The range consists of coasters, cocktail, lunch and dinner napkins along with place mats and cotton cloths.

Rollover (stand 1017) will launch two new products, one of which is a flavoured popcorn concept called Rollover Crazy Corn, which comes in two classic flavours and four wacky flavours which the company claims you will never have come across. Supported by branding and equipment, this concept aims to give operators incremental sales. The second product is a new hot snacking concept yet to be revealed.

Interiors, Exteriors and Tableware

Andy Thornton's Snow chairs
Andy Thornton's Snow chairs
Launching several new collections of contemporary furniture suited to hotels, restaurants and reception areas is Andy Thornton (stand 2441). Snow is a collection of moulded chairs, available in six different colours, with the added versatility of being stackable and suitable for outdoor use.

Also on show will be the Queen range of chairs, made from polycarbonate, making it eminently practical for use in restaurants, bars and hotels.

Kania Collection, The Chair People
Kania Collection, The Chair People
The Chair People (stand 2217) are launching the Kania Collection, and the new chair designs for the restaurant, hotel and leisure industries will be on show. All the company's furniture is made with solid oak or beech frames, with a choice of finishes, together with endless upholstery options from all the major fabric houses. The company can produce furniture in as little as four weeks.

Geo range, La Cafetiere
Geo range, La Cafetiere
Specialists in products and accessories for hot drinks, La Cafetière (stand 2316) recently joined forces with one of the best names in British design, Nick Munro, and will be showcasing the resulting Geo Collection, along with several other new products. The Geo Collection is an elegant stainless-steel range for tea and coffee, evoking the style of a bygone era but with a contemporary twist. Initially designed for P&O's latest and largest cruise superliner, Ventura, Geo is now available to the hospitality industry.

Facet cutlery
Facet cutlery
Facet, the new cutlery pattern from Robert Welch Designs (stand 2304), has been designed to present clean, pure shapes, with subtle concave detail and bevelled outlines to the handles. These oblique surfaces maximise light reflections, implying a "diamond cut" quality to the stainless steel, and is available in a mirror finish.

Effective signage is crucial to the survival of many hospitality businesses, and Signwaves Group (stand 2205) believes that it has found the ultimate solution in the form of a durable and versatile high-pressure laminate (HPL), which is used as chalkboard material in the company's newly launched Chalkboard & Hospitality Range.

Signwaves sign
Signwaves sign
This includes wall-mounted, framed, freestanding and tabletop products in a range of sizes and finishes, incorporating the unique benefits of HPL as a virtually maintenance-free chalkboard in a wide selection of display formats.

HPL's UV-stable and weather-resistant surface makes it an ideal solution for both indoor and outdoor use, the anti-glare finish ensuring message clarity. The melamine surface layer ensures impact and scratch resistance.

Baobab cutlery
Baobab cutlery
Award-winning British industrial designer William Welch is the founder and owner of Studio William (stand 2220), which will present Baobab, a new cutlery design. The contemporary and bold shape of the pattern aims to create a simple yet distinctive impression on the tabletop. The company says that the pattern is one of its more masculine designs, and its solid form and broad stem reflect the characteristics of the tree for which it is named.

Premises and Facilities Management

A2i (stand 2227) recently revealed that fewer than 10% of UK restaurants provide menus in Braille or large print. The company will showcase its Braille and large-print menus and a range of Braille and tactile signage, and offer packages that combine signage and menus with the aim of making it easier for operators to cater for visually impaired customers.

The company will also give away a giant Braille chocolate to underline its attempts to persuade caterers to stop ignoring the UK's two million visually-impaired people.

* To find out more and to pre-register, saving the £20 entry fee, go to www.hospitalityshow.co.uk.

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Catering Equipment

  • Beijing Daily Expo Co: Stand 327
  • Blanco CS UK: Stand 457
  • Brantinox: Stand 757
  • Brantinox: Stand 761
  • Carpigiani UK: Stand 350
  • Catersave Europe: Stand 357
  • Connaught Compliance: Stand 866
  • DomLuca: Stand 777
  • DRM Organisation: Stand 359
  • Ice-O-Matic: Stand 661
  • M&Q Plastic Products: Stand 456
  • Newco Catering Equipment: Stand 550
  • Next Day Catering Equipment: Stand 758
  • Penguin Refrigeration: Stand 337
  • Shave Ice: Stand 660
  • SolutionsToSave: Stand 750
  • SpoonShine: Stand 760
  • TEAL Patents: Stand 767
  • The Catering for a Sustainable Future Group (CSFG): Stand 659
  • TurboChef Technologies Europe: Stand 870
  • UK Equipment Direct: Stand 547

Food and Drink

  • AquAid: Stand 1230
  • Boiron Freres SA: Stand 1351
  • Brioche Pasquier UK: Stand 1060
  • Cadbury UK: Stand 1116
  • Chefs4Chefs: Stand 1367
  • Costco UK: Stand 1271
  • Essential Trading Co-operative: Stand 1374
  • HN Nuttall: Stand 1247
  • Honeybuns: Stand 1275
  • Hopwells: Stand 1246
  • Housewater: Stand 1272
  • Imaginative Cuisine: Stand 1271a
  • J-Plus UK: Stand 1157
  • Makro CC UK: Stand 1056
  • Marshfield Bakery: Stand 1261
  • McCormick Foodservice: Stand 1273
  • Rolldrap: Stand 1147
  • Stoats Porridge Bars: Stand 967
  • Verstegen Spices & Sauces UK: Stand 1278
  • Weetabix: Stand 1361

Interiors, Exteriors and Tableware

  • A2i Transcription Services: Stand 2227

  • ASI Outsourcing: Stand 2137

  • Beijing Daily Expo Co: Stand 2141

  • Cafe Furniture Direct: Stand 2221

  • Caterbrands: Stand 2340

  • Direct Linen: Stand 2247

  • Escential: Stand 2000

  • Evthokia: Stand 2223

  • Initialfirst Learning & Development: Stand 1002

  • King of Cotton: Stand 2230

  • La Cafetière: Stand 2316

  • Le Postillon: Stand 2117

  • MK Illumination: Stand 2257

  • Marques & Silva 2540

  • Mediterranean Linens 2151

  • NC Contract Furniture: Stand 2607

  • Out of Eden: Stand 2204

  • Sabert Europe: Stand 2226

  • Saxon Leather Upholstery: Stand 2456

  • Signwaves: Stand 2205

  • Studio William Welch: Stand 2220

  • The Chair People: Stand 2217

  • Tripod Home: Stand 2147

    Premises and Facilities Management

  • Acorn Commercial Finance: Stand 1170

  • Fireco: Stand 1070

  • Ille Paper Service: Stand 1171

  • Keytracker: Stand 977

  • Reflekt Cleaning: Stand 973

  • SCA Hygiene: Stand 975

  • Spotless UK: Stand 1077

  • Vortex Designs: Stand 1071

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