Hotelympia 2010 – equipment

24 February 2010 by
Hotelympia 2010 – equipment

Laundry systems, safety flooring, food display solutions, combi-ovens, cutlery polishers and intelligent taps are among the catering equipment items on exhibit.


Advanced ozone technology in the brand new Opura laundry system will kill bugs at temperatures as low as 30-40°C. It is the only system to be certified by Campden & Chorleywood Food Research Association, confirming that it can kill C difficile, MRSA and E Coli in both viral and spore states to a level unachievable by traditional thermal washes.

The ozone also opens the fibres of the fabric, making it fluffier and reducing the amount of soap and water needed, thus shortening the wash cycle. The appliance also weighs each load so it only uses the water, energy and soap needed.
Stand N1916


The new Altro XpressLay safety flooring can be installed using tape instead of adhesive, making it quick and clean to fit, and it can be laid directly over problem surfaces such as vinyl tiles and flaky painted floors.

Its profiled underside also allows installation on fresh concrete sub floors up to 97% relative humidity so there is no need to wait or use a surface damp-proof membrane. Its slip resistance value, in excess of 36, will help prevent slips and trips among staff.

Made from 10% recycled material and 100% recyclable, XpressLay comes in eight of the popular Walkway 20 colours- bone, cloud, dolphin, skyline, fog, black, blue and cherry.
Stand N1655


The Tetbury-based dispense and vending firm will use Hotelympia as a launchpad for its new Post-Mix juice dispenser, which is claimed to offer significant cost and energy savings.

It features advanced digital controls, a large ice bath, an easy-clean mixing chamber, and warning LEDs when concentrates run low. The cool drinks vending machine offers portion control or free flow options.
Stand N1731


Plastics specialist Cambro's new Versa System is a fully-portable modular food display solution that can be quickly assembled in a variety of configurations and then easily dismantled for space-saving storage.

It is based around the Versa Food Bar cold food display which uses no power, cooling the food instead with Cambro's eutectic Coldfest Pans or Buffet Camchillers. Add-on elements include a heavy-duty sneeze guard, the Versa Work Table for food prep or serving and the Versa Cart to hold electrical equipment such as EPOS and keyboards.
Stand N1640


The new Panasonic cavity protection system is a plastic liner that protects the inside of microwave ovens from grease and food particles that can accumulate to cause serious or irreparable damage to the oven.

The design of the base keeps more than 50% of the food off the base so it does not interfere with air circulation beneath the dish and the liner is easily removed for cleaning. The group also sells a version for Sharp microwave ovens.
Stand N2669


Integral water softeners have been added to Classeq's Duo 3 and Duo 750 front-loading glasswashers and dishwashers, and to its H857 and H957 pass-through dishwashers.

They cut out the problems of siting, sourcing and installing external water softeners, saving both space and money. The integral softeners will automatically regenerate themselves and warn operators via a control panel light when they need restocking with salt.

The new models will be shown alongside Classeq's Eco glasswashers and Manitowoc EC Series and Q Series ice machines.
Stand N1915


Visitors will be offered free 10-day trials of Comark's latest hand-held probe thermometers while stocks last.

The group's HACCP-compliant line ranges from pocket thermometers to RF500 Wireless Systems for round-the-clock monitoring of critical control points, and includes loggers, dial thermometers, infra-red instruments, and meters to measure humidity, pressure and PH.

All Comark instruments and probes are impregnated with BioCote antimicrobial technology for maximum hygiene.
Stand N2101


Small hotels and restaurants can now enjoy the benefits of highly polished cutlery without the cost and time of doing it by hand with the launch of the Mini Compact 2000 by Kent's Cutlery Polisher.

It's a smaller version of the company's Nicem Mini 3000, claimed to be the UK's best selling cutlery polisher, which can buff up 3,000 items per hour and can, says the company, generate weekly savings of up to £70.
Stand N2001


Rosinox's Induct Flam pan recognition system and its multi functional bratt pan make their first UK showing.

The bratt pan features patented mixing arm technology and operates at 300°C rather than the usual 230°C. The pan recognition system, now available on all gas open burner units, reduces energy use by at least 50% through a sensor in the centre of the burner cap that reacts to the conductivity of metal rather than the weight of the pan.

Dawson will also be showing two items from the new Comenda ECO2 warewasher line - the AC2A corner rack conveyor warewasher with a one metre square footprint for operators with limited space and the XLC multi-purpose washer with a heat recovery unit that can reduce energy consumption by 25%.
Stand N2236


The new air-o-steam Touchline combi-oven from Electrolux offers improved efficiency and a fully personalised user interface with a customised recipe database.

Operators simply touch the options and programmes they require on the HD touch-screen control panel, which they can personalise with preferred settings. There are three cooking modes to cater for all skill levels - manual, automatic, and programs mode. Caterers can store up to 1,000, 16-phase recipes and settings that can be stored and transferred to other ovens through a USB. The oven offers 30 languages, a HACCP-compliant food safe control and a single on-off button.
Stand N2370


Intelligent Taps are the latest addition to EO Water's Hoshizaki ROX water eletrolyser system which separates tap water into alkaline water for cleaning and acidic water for sanitising, provding a safer, more potent, and environmentally friendly alternative to chemical cleaning systems.

The tap sensor, triggered by the presence of hands, will dispense a 15-second stream of alkaline water illuminated by a blue light, followed by a 15-second stream of acidic water lit by a red light. Visitors will be able to measure the bacterial counts on their hands before and after washing with a bioluminescence meter.
Stand N1670


The revolutionary new EcoTunnel system batch laundry washer from Girbau, designed for large hotel groups laundering between 250 and 500kg an hour, uses 80% less energy, 75% less water and 50% less labour and detergent than conventional models. Visitors buying any of the group's seven energy-efficient 6 Series washers at the show will benefit from a free warranty upgrade from one to three years.
Stand N2316


Glen Dimplex's Burco brand will make its debut in the water cooler market, and launch the "atomising" Synergy grill and a new bean to cup coffee maker.

The new line of freestanding and countertop Aqueduct water coolers stand out from the crowd by dispensing water from easily-replaced, recyclable boxes, each fitted with its own tap to prevent the entry of air and contamination. All feature an integrated cup dispenser and touch-button dispensing.

The time- and energy-saving Synergy grill uses rapid heat-up ceramic plates that cook at high temperatures and atomising combustion technology that atomises fats and oils before they reach the heat source. This produces a barbecue flavour without the carbon taste, texture degradation and loss of moisture.

The new coffee maker features two bean containers, a micro-fine sieve, a separate chute for decaffeinated drinks, 18 settings and an authorised-access key chip system.

Meanwhile, sister brand Lec will be showing new the black finish on its efficienC bottle cooler range, said to be more than 35% more efficient than its standard models.
Stand N1855


Colourful, lightweight new vacuum coffee servers from Grunwerg feature a screw-top lid to maintain coffee temperature, mirror-finish spouts and handles, and a range of sizes and contemporary designs that include flamenco red, meteor grey and glacier white, in addition to the traditional mirror and satin polish finishes.
Stand N1810



The commercial kitchen ventilation and purification firm will be promoting its new in-house repair and maintenance service for its line of specialist equipment, which includes Capture Ray canopies, UV light cassettes for grease extraction, Capture Jet air curtains and Pollustop ecology units. The service will also cover the Vent Master portfolio it acquired in 2005.

Halton will also feature its UV-C canopies, which use UV-C oxidation technology to mop up the smaller grease particles that escape standard filters and have recently passed their 1,000th installation in a 10-year period.
Stand N1935


Energy- and water-saving technologies are the name of the game at Hobart whose new Drain Water Recovery System redirects water from hood-type dishwashers for use in a sink-mounted pre-wash hand spray instead of fresh water. Two-and-a-half litres of drain water can achieve the same results as four litres of fresh cold water.

Also featuring is the CP-L-A rack conveyor dishwasher, said to reduce energy use by up to 30%, and the FXPs-70 undercounter dishwasher which mixes a conventional with a steam rinse, cuts water usage to 1.5 litres per cycle and detergent use by up to 40%.
Stand N2540


The new Clenaware glass and dishwasher ranges that debut on Hubbard's stand all feature a remote monitoring system to create a full audit trail and reporting system accessed through a secure web system. The line includes two sizes of warewashers, the Airack glass-drying system for the premium bar market and a Thermal Disinfectant warewasher with two thermal disinfecting cycle options.

Hubbard will also show the new Scotsman MV 426 modular ice cube machine, which churns out 215kg of compact dice a day, and a version of the TC180 hygienic hands-free nugget ice cube maker for the self-service hotel, restaurant and café sectors.
Stand N2469


Four additions to the Instanta portfolio include a value range of WA wall-mounted water boilers in two-, five- and 10-litre sizes; the stainless-steel wall-mounted WM25SS boiler that can run as a 6kW or 3kW machine thanks to the presence of two internal elements; and the company's first undercounter chiller, which joins the undercounter boiler it launched last year.

Meanwhile, the new CT8000 model, available in 6kW and 9kW versions, highlights features new to the CT range which has now been upgraded to incorporate them. They include new diagnostics, a seven-day timer that allows the unit to switch on and off like a central heating boiler, and a digital filter warning display.
Stand N1959


The ISA Metro range of hot and cold display cabinets will make its UK debut at Hotelympia, where it will sit alongside the ISA Millennium ice-cream and pastry cabinet lines with which it will combine.

Also on show is the ISA Zero blast freezer and the new UP range of backfittings and counters for ice-cream parlours, pâtisseries, hotels, food halls and coffee bars that are designed along the lines of traditional jewellery display counters.
Stand N1955


New products on the Jestic stand include Josper charcoal-fired oven grills, the Middleby Marshall 640 WOW! conveyor pizza oven and the latest Cookline series of countertop appliances from Bakers Pride.

The pizza oven has a "magic eye" that puts the oven into sleep mode if a pizza is not placed on the incoming belt within 30 seconds of a cooked item exiting, yielding gas savings of up to 50%.

The new Cookline range of mix-and-match griddles, open high-BTUH burner ranges and charbroilers benefit from the heaviest hand-welded construction in the industry and are ideal for use on under-counter refrigerated bases as well as countertops.
Stand N1736


New launches from Manitowoc - formerly Enodis - include Convertherm's new EcoCooking mode and Electro Calorique 20-level regeneration trolleys.

The EcoCooking mode is said to reduce energy consumption by up to 25% and will become a standard feature on all models. It uses pre-programmed pulses of energy to retain the desired temperature in the cooking chamber, rather than keeping the power going throughout cooking, while the food carries on cooking in the residual heat between the pulses.

Electro Calorique uses electro-contact technology to regenerate food from 3°C to +75°C in less than 60 minutes. Two equal-sized cavities allow the trolleys - available in monobloc and split trolley versions - to serve both hot and cold foods at the same time.

Manitowoc will also show innovations from Merrychef - which launches the energy-saving Eikon line of speed cooking ovens - Cleveland, Delfield, Frymaster, Garland, Lincoln and Moorwood Vulcan.
Stand N2340/S2553


Additions to the Meiko warewashing line include the compact MG-6 and MG-8 granular pot washing systems and the brand new M-iQ flight dishwasher equipped with a variety of energy-, water- and chemical-saving features that the company believes will set a new benchmark.

Washers on show will demonstrate key technologies, including the group's GiO reverse osmosis module, the CSS Basic and CSS Top systems that reduce detergent consumption by up to 80%, the AirBox Aktivair integral condensate remover, and the EWS water-saving component that uses just 2.6 litres of fresh water per wash cycle.

Visitors will also get a chance to see the company's new compact Disperator system for treating organic food waste.
Stand N1940

23. MKN

The German manufacturer of premium cooking equipment will showcase its new CompactPRO SpaceCombi, along with the new USB interface that becomes a standard feature across the CompactPRO line.

The countertop SpaceCombi is devised for small operators with limited space. It is just 55cm with a one metre square footprint, but packs in a 6 x 1/1 GN capacity and all the features found on its larger cousins. The four basic cooking programmes are steaming, convection, combi-steaming and the Perfection regeneration mode.

SpaceCombi can be supplied as a side-by-side twin-pack, allowing the caterer to use steam and convection cooking at the same time at no extra costs as the combined cookers use less energy than single large versions.
Stand N1840


Hotelympia is the launchpad for Monarch's eco-friendly Scaleout Calcium Filters, which remove scale, scum, heavy metals and bad tastes and odours from the water used in coffee, vending and ice-making machines, for example. The filters are fully disposable once exhausted and thus avoid the use of damaging chemicals, acids and neutralisers required to regenerate other systems.
Stand N2566


Newcomers to the Primeware stable include an induction-friendly carvery tray; the UK's first ceramic GN induction dishes for oven-to-table, or freezer-to-table, use; and a new range of Ceramic Grundy Dishes.

The 3kg stainless-steel carvery tray edged with a juice well and ceramic tiles absorbs heat from induction or ceran counters and comes in two versions - one with 12 spikes to hold joints firm, the second spike-free with a self-sealing Apex carving board.

The Grundy Dishes are lightweight alternatives to grundy tins that are ideal for school meals and come in the vibrant colour options of Pillar Box Red, British Racing Green, Tuscan Yellow and Royal Blue. There will also be new multi-portion GN ceramic dishes on view.
Stand N2501


The newest version of Rational's ClimaSoft combi cooking technology for its SelfCooking Centers now offers an automatic crisping process. ClimaSoft uses an ultra-mild cooking climate and a long cooking time of up to 24 hours to age and tenderise meat, producing highly tender and succulent results. Meanwhile, a new version of the CombiFry features a new base with a wavy pattern to stop food sticking and a reduced depth of 40cm to prevent overloading and spillage.

The 1/1 GN fryer, which will hold 1kg of chips and produce 200 portions in 15 minutes, allows chefs to prepare fried foods in the SelfCooking Center without using oil, yielding healthier meals with 80% less fat and 36% fewer calories than deep-fried foods.
Stand N2109


Visitors to the TME stand can win a new-style Solo pocket catering thermometer which features a stronger swing-out probe arm, improved water resistance, a belt holster or wall-mount option, and support from TME's new Thermometer for Life scheme.

Also new is the MM7000 ThermoBar Scan line which is equipped with Bluetooth communication and a barcode scanner that can record and store up to 1,000 readings, and communicate temperature, date and the unique identity of any food or appliance monitored. The MM71010 Thermo Bluetooth offers an alternative for customers with no need for barcode scanning.
Stand N1659


CafeCounters are a new line of stainless-steel display counters for the café and food retail sectors that offer extra height, widths of 810mm and 910mm, and a choice of lengths.

They are fitted with energy-saving light capsules that produce little heat and a range of options include separately-controlled under-storage, rear night blinds, and a granite back shelf. A complete counter can be created by adding ambient and heated modules.
Stand N1909


Victor's Synergy drop-in counter units have been refined to provide energy savings of up to 50% compared to their forerunners, while its heavy-duty hot cupboards have been re-engineered to reduce running costs through improved insulation and fast recovery times.

Also on show will be some of the group's table-top display cabinets, flexible food carvery solutions, and customised counter service.
Stand N2440


New fascias offer a colourful alternative to stainless steel on Winterhalter's new UC Series of undercounter dish and glasswashers. The four options include tropical fish (Aquarium), a quirky musical motif (Chorale), an atmospheric seascape (Storm) and a sparkling tile abstract (Mosaic).

The machines come in four sizes and four configurations - for dishes, glasses, cutlery and utensils; and a multi-purpose glass and dishwasher for bistros. The number of racks per hour they can handle range start from 48 for the glasswashers and 40 for dishwashers and Bistro machines to 11 on the cutlery or utensil washers.
Stand N1920

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