Hotelympia 2010 – food and drink

24 February 2010 by
Hotelympia 2010 – food and drink

There's a wealth of new food and drink products on show at Hotelympia, including organic pre-baked breads, espresso machines, bespoke butter and eco-packaging


Best known to UK caterers for its conserve mini pots, France's Bonne Maman is launching special packs of its top consumer patisserie products into the food service market. The initial line-up includes flow-wrap packs of Financier Almond and Financier Chocolate Orange (with each pack containing three real-butter sponge finger cakes), along with single and twin-pack options for shell-shaped madeleines. They will be joined in the spring by a twin-pack galette, a traditional French crisp butter biscuit. Bonne Maman Patisserie is supporting its move into the food service sector with a wooden branded counter-display unit.
Stand S2126


French frozen bread and viennoiserie specialist Bridor is underlining its commitment to healthy, organic produce by showcasing its newest Pure by Bridor lines, which are AB-certified, hold the European organic produce label and guarantee a 95% content of organic ingredients. This line includes the 140g organic BIO Baguettine (winner of the French ADICT innovation award), the 70g Pure croissant, and the 75g Pure pain au chocolat. The pre-baked breads are made using traditional baking methods, have a six-month shelf life, and take just 12 minutes to cook (the Baguettine) or 20 minutes to provide quality fresh bread for breakfasts, sandwiches or restaurant breads.
Stand S2430


Hotelympia will give UK customers of Cimbali - which has been producing professional coffee and cappuccino machines in Milan since 1912 - their first preview of the new Q10 automatic machine, which is designed to provide first-rate coffee in lower-volume outlets. It will sit alongside a sample of Cimbali's line of espresso machines, including the S39, an automatic sister model to the traditional M39 machine, which incorporates an automated washing cycle, a user-friendly touch screen and a Milk Precision System.
Stand S2309


Caterers can add a dash of dazzle and excitement to celebrations by serving cakes or desserts with Danmade Light Sparkles, which provide a brilliant shower of shooting stars for 45 seconds after lighting. They are, claim Danmade, more spectacular than wire sparklers, non-toxic, and burn no hotter than a candle.
Stand S2249


Devonshire Tea is launching its world-famous mild speciality black tea into the hospitality sector this month. The launch includes a 1st Edition Collector's Gift Box for retail to help hospitality firms boost spend per head and a reusable take-away ecobag big enough to hold a takeout lunch. The eco-bag, which can be co-branded, is designed to cut the cost of throwaway bags as it encourages regular customers to reuse it on subsequent visits.
Stand S2255


Schmoo Thickshakes are set to replace Dinkum's best-selling Fresh Shakes, which have been updated with a new name, look, logo, POS material and disposable cup design. The new clear plastic cups with domed lids add a touch of theatre as customers can now see the shake being mixed in the cup. This visibility has prompted the launch of colourful new toppings in the form of chocolate fruit crispies, chocolate curls and aerosol cream. The start-up pack of shake machine, 300 servings and cups, lids, straws and POS remains around £300.
Stand S2049


Hotelympia marks the UK launch of the Swiss bean-to-cup coffee machine maker that is now owned by Italian espresso machine specialist Rancilio. Pride of place goes to the new Egro ONE machine, which is fitted with Rancilio's patented iSteam automatic steam wand. ONE features a graphic interface with a 5.7in touch-screen display and drop-down menu that allows baristas to choose from 48 products. It will also display promotional images or videos from uploaded, customised screensavers. For traditionalists there is a push-button version with an LCD screen and a 10-key keypad for selecting five, nine or 16 drinks. Both versions have a USB port for loading the machine's data and work parameters.
Stand S2246

8. EIPRO Vermarktung

Hotels, restaurants, volume caterers, confectioners and bakers are the target customers of German group Eipro, which sells pasteurised egg products (whole, white and yolk) in liquid or frozen forms that contain no preservatives, are guaranteed salmonella-free and sell in aseptic Tetra Pak containers under the Wiesenhof Eifix brand. Lines include the Eifix gourmet scrambled egg mix, which is pan-ready and pre-seasoned and sold in either 100g Tetra Brik aseptic packs or 10kg bag-in-box packs. The group's deep-frozen egg patties are seasoned, blended with milk and cream and baked into a circular shape, which cooks quickly in a microwave or combi pressure cooker. The patties come in four flavours - natural, chives, bacon or spicy cooked ham.
Stand S2232


The launch of No1 Savoury Gravy extends the Essential Cuisine lines of stocks, gravies, glaces and jus to cater for vegetarian and coeliac customers. The premium gravy is made without preservatives or MSG, will not thin during service, is freeze-thaw stable, has superior bain marie holding qualities, and is offered in a 1.5kg pot yielding 20 litres of gravy. The group is also relaunching its Classic Demi-Glace range with a new look and an improved taste, balance and performance. The products, which includes Beef, Chicken and Veal Demi-glaces, are thicker with a richer, meatier taste. The new design includes colour coding of variants and pot lids to make them easier to identify in the kitchen.
Stand S2535


Visitors to the First Choice Coffee stand will get a preview of the latest addition to the Italian-made Victoria Arduino range of traditional coffee machines, the Adonis, and a taste of the new Grand Café Grand Cru premium coffee. Also on tap will be the bean-to-cup Black&White COOL coffee maker with a barista-quality milk texturing feature and masterclasses run by World Barista champions James Hoffman and Gwilym Davies.
Stand S2410


Kraft will underline its commitment to sustainability by showcasing its new line of Rainforest Alliance Certified Kenco roast and ground core coffees and Kenco freeze-dried coffees. New recipes using Philadelphia cream cheese will be ready to taste and the group promises "breakthrough biscuit innovation" along with the launch of a new food service twin-pack of its top-selling Oreo chocolate-flavoured sandwich biscuit.
Stand S2036


A new range of base products for the professional chef will represent "a turning point in the catering industry", according to Major International, which is keeping this revolutionary line under wraps until the show. Michelin-starred chef Nathan Outlaw will be on hand to launch the two new shellfish bases (thickened Shell Fish jus powder and Seafood Paste Glace) he has created for the group, while a chef team from Benihana, the pioneer of Japanese cuisine, will create exotic dishes each hour using Major's Thai, Oriental and Piri-Piri Mari-Base marinades.
Stand S2436


It's back to school on the McDougalls stand, where its team of education specialists will be on hand to help school caterers with cost-effective, nutritional desserts and snacks. Its flour-based cookie and muffin mixes are versatile, easy to use, have a long shelf life, and are easily adapted to disguise nutritious but less popular ingredients. They have been improved to comply with Food Standards Authority nutritional guidelines, and contain no hydrogenated vegetable oils or artificial ingredients. Options include plain, oat and chocolate cookies and plain, chocolate and toffee muffins.
Stand 2560


Improvements to Melitta's fully-automatic bean-to-cup coffee machines will be unveiled at Hotelympia, where the company will be giving away six cases of coffee beans (enough for 4,320 cups of coffee) on all sales and lease purchases agreed at the show. The Milk-Jet system on the dual-milk Alpha (which provides foamed, steamed, heated and cold milk) has been tweaked to deliver a firmer froth, while both the Alpha and the C5 models (which both fit into the Melitta Coffee Cart) are now fitted with a milk level sensor that warns when levels are low. Two grinders are now standard on the Melitta Cup coffee machine.
Stand S2426


Nestlé's new Chef Les Fond Premium line of super-premium paste fonds and fumets, made from concentrated cooking juices and fine ingredients, is endorsed by the Craft Guild of Chefs. The stocks, which can be added at any stage of the cooking process, are low in saturated fat and sodium (less than 0.3g per 100ml) and contain no MSG, added colours, artificial preservatives or hydrogenated vegetable oil. The line-up includes Fonds Brun de Veau Lié (brown veal stock), Fonds Blanc de Volaille (white chicken stock) and Fumet de Poisson (fish stock).
Stand S2336


Peppadew Sweet and Sour Goldew Peppers follow the successful launch of Peppadew Sweet Piquante Peppers to the food service sector earlier this year. They are harvested in South Africa and bottled, without preservatives, in their own juices to retain their sweet and sour mild heat while retaining their crunchy exterior. The peppers add a zingy, zesty sweetness to a variety of dishes such as pizzas, soups, stir-fried vegetables, pastas, salads, sandwiches, and wraps. They can be stuffed as starters or bar snacks and make a tangy addition to curries, sauces, relishes, chutneys and dips. They are sold in 3 x 2kg Cryovac bags with a 24-month shelf life.
Stand S2549


Ecoco is the latest eco-packaging line from Planglow, using brown rustic craft material from sustainable sources and a window made from renewable plants. A leafy green decoration highlights the brandable packaging's eco-friendly credentials. There are currently three Ecoco products- a 24-hour sandwich wedge and baguette bag that are 100% biodegradable and compostable, and a biodegradable Ecopaque label that looks like plastic but is made from a type of paper.
Stand S2510


Stuffed chicken breasts and coated chicken strips are among the 12 new Plusfood poultry products to debut at Hotelympia. The chicken breasts, offered as 18g fillets, come in three styles - Aegean Tomato, Basil & Balsamic Vinegar; Wholegrain Mustard & Acacia Honey; and Davidstow Cheddar Rarebit with Chives - while the 20g Homestyle Chicken Fillet Strips have a rough crumb coating seasoned with herbs and spices. Ideal for salads and snacks, the strips are sold in quick-frozen 2kg packs ready to be fried, grilled, baked or microwaved.
Stand S2659


St Clements (a mix of the juices and zest of oranges and lemons), Dorset Honey & Ginger, and Raspberry Ripples are the latest flavours from the award-winning Dorset ice-cream and sorbet maker. The ice-creams are made on the Dorset farm overlooking Corfe Castle using local fresh milk and thick double cream. They are free of artificial additives and colours, GMOs, eggs, gluten and nuts.
Stand S2502


Brue Valley Farms, the family-run Somerset dairy renowned for its quality farmhouse cheddars, is now offering a bespoke butter-making service to its customers. Butter is barrel-churned and hand-or machine-wrapped into a variety of shapes and sizes - including brick, mini-brick and traditional rolls - with no order regarded as too small.
Stand S2255


Sherbet Lemon is a new flavour that will be joining Rollover's existing six Crazy Corn options in time for Easter. The pre-packaged popcorn is also moving from plastic tubs to more environmentally-friendly packaging that will include a limited edition St George World Cup pack. Rollover will also be showing its bigger revamped, rebranded School Wraps line. The bread has grown from 7in to 9in while the chicken content has risen from 55g to 80g. New sauces include Thai Red Curry and Tomato & Chilli Relish and a 57g non-fried coated fish option has been added as an alternative to chicken. Rollover plans to roll out the concept beyond secondary schools to a high street grab-and-go offer.
Stand 2250


The Glastonbury-based organic food farm and mill specialising in the nutritious ancient grain, spelt, will be unveiling its new Speltotto range, described as a British alternative to risotto. It mixes pearled spelt with a blend of spices, herbs and dried vegetables to provide a standalone meal or an accompaniment to meat or fish. There are three varieties - Courgette & Garlic with Thyme, Tomato & Chilli, and Pumpkin & Shallot. Also new is the multi-grain Miller's Muesli, slated for a March launch, which mixes toasted spelt flakes and light spelt puffs with crisp barley flakes, jumbo oats, sunflower seeds, almonds, walnuts, raisins, dates and apricots. For a more continental breakfast option, it is offering the new Biscotti, available in Chocolate & Hazelnut and Spelt & Almond flavours. The group also sells flour, sweet biscuits, and cheese and savoury biscuits.
Stand S2255


The new transparent cake board from Solia offers a refined, trendy way of displaying individual cakes and pies in place of traditional cake cards. The 8cm-diameter trays are made from polystyrene and feature a curved flap for easy handling of the cakes. Sold in packs of 1,000 pieces, they come in a variety of colours - transparent, aqua green transparent, fuchsia, burgundy, and chocolate brown. Solia's 500-plus portfolio includes mini dishes for cocktail and buffet displays, platters, trays, tableware and cutlery sets.
Stand S2619


Hygiene and safety inform Terinex's new Edge dispensing system, which dispenses and cuts film, foil or baking paper. It features a quick-release blade cartridge that is easily removed for cleaning, preventing the build-up of grease, food and dust in the cutting mechanism. A patented silicone rubber jaw protects fingers from the stainless-steel cutting blade, which is completely concealed when cutting and hidden when not in use.
Stand 2366


A new reusable designer glass bottle has replaced the original bottle design in Vivreau's Table Water Bottling System to improve its green credentials. The sleek and modern carafe-style bottle - made in the UK to reduce its carbon footprint - is intended to look equally at home in a boardroom or a Michelin-starred restaurant. Its one-piece cap is more hygienic and enables storage and carbonation. It is made from translucent glass dyed with a hint of blue, with the frosted option removed on account of the environmentally-damaging acids used. In a bid to reduce water wastage, Vivreau has dropped the 1-litre option and offers the designer bottle in 750ml and 425ml sizes. The first 50 people to place orders on the stand will be given a free chest cooler worth £595.
Stand S2349


The new Speedwrap catering dispenser from Wrapex will keep its Prowrap cling film, aluminium foil and baking parchment in perfect condition ready for use - the group claims it can reduce wastage by up to 45%. It is said to be one of the smallest dispensers on the market, with a choice of 300ml and 450ml widths, and is designed to be lightweight and easy to use - operators just pull and press. Speedwrap, which can be used freestanding or wall-mounted, features a concealed cutting blade for safety and can be cleaned in a dishwasher on a medium heat setting.
Stand S2541

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