Hotelympia 2012 – preview 1

27 January 2012 by
Hotelympia 2012 – preview 1

Product Zone highlights 24 new products that will be shown at Hotelympia next month in our first preview of the show, which runs from 26 February to 1 March at London's ExCel centre.

Product Hotelympia 2012
USP New look and feel, new initiatives and more visitor interaction. The return of the Innovation Awards, providing a platform and recognition for new product launches throughout the show. In a new twist, the finalists will pitch their products behind closed doors in a Dragons' Den-style arena, promoting their products to a panel of industry experts. Another launch this year is the Hotelympia Design Award - seeking to reward the UK's most luxurious and desirable hotel suite. Plus a new dedicated Wine+ section to reach on-trade wine buyers looking for new opportunities.

Where ExCel, London

When 26 February to 1 March 2012


Products Adande Compact under-counter refrigeration unit, Adande Saladette chilled ingredient storage (pictured) and Adande's VCS2CWR2 Unitary Range Mark II refrigeration unit

USPs Under-counter refrigeration with temperature control function that ensures food remains at the set temperature throughout service. A two-drawer unit - the Adande Saladette can be fitted with a plating gantry and the units can also be fitted over mobile frame single-drawer units for portability. It is available in two sizes: standard (S2) and large (S3). The Unitary Range Mark II (pictured) uses only 80 grams of R600a hydrocarbon refrigerant per unit and leaves no greenhouse gas impact and additional energy can be saved through reduced cold-room usage due to less door openings.

SupplierAdande Refrigeration
0844 376 0023
Hotelympia Stand Number: N1310


Product Rational's SelfCooking Center whitefficiency combi-oven

USP Since Rational launched its new SelfCookingCenter whitefficiency in September 2011 over 10,000 units have been ordered.

Features HiDensity Control with a powerful steam generator, dynamic air mixing and effective dehumidification enable up to 30% more products to be loaded than in a conventional combi-steamer of the same size. Its EfficientLevel Control feature continuously monitors the cooking process and adjusts the parameters taking into account the load size, how the product is cooking, and the number of times the door is opened. It has 10 automatic cooking modes, including a "Finishing" mode that consists of processes for plated banquets, bake off products, and others. The combi-oven also works manually, providing customisation to experienced chefs.

SupplierRational UK
0800 389 2944Hotelympia Stand Number: N1410


Product C-3110 DECT phone handset

USP Multi-tasking communications device offering crystal-clear voice plus text and critical alarm messaging. It also helps protect lone workers with a position locator and a panic button that activates a central alarm.

Details The C-3110 is designed for hotels, big restaurants, leisure complexes and other sites where continuous, reliable communications are essential. Combination of digital audio and large colour screen with easy-to-understand graphics

SupplierCall Systems Technology
0800 389 5642
020 8381 1338
Hotelympia Stand Number: S1936


Product Carpigiani "Freeze & Go" machine

USP A single cylinder (500ml), compact, counter-top machine for production of ice-cream and sorbet in just five minutes.

Features Unique cylinder design, rapid extraction of the cylinder to serve the ice-cream and air-cooled condensation, the machine incorporates advanced technology in only 50cm (260mm width, 530mm depth, 530mm height; 30kg net weight) - making it the perfect addition to busy outlets where space is limited.

01432 346018Hotelympia Stand Number: S1036 and S1040


Products The RoMatik XS and UC Series

USP Compact reverse osmosis water treatment system. The RoMatik XS works with under-counter glass and dishwashers with low running costs and long service intervals. The see-though UC Series under-counter glasswasher will also be demonstrated using a camera mounted inside so visitors can see what goes on during a wash cycle, how it all works and how technology such as VarioPower delivers consistently good washing results every time.

Other new stuff Includes a surface glass cleaner which can be used on windows, mirrors, glass table tops and bar surfaces; a powdered detergent rejuvenator to remove rinse aid film from drinking glasses and extend their working life; and Diamond 2000 detergent for hard water use.

01908 359000
Hotelympia Stand Number: N1320


Product Hot ‘N' Kickin' Chicken range

USP Heaven and Hell-themed stand - with hot devils and heavenly angels to welcome visitors to enjoy samples of spicy Hot ‘N' Kickin' Chicken Wings, Chicken Steaks, Chicken Dippers and some new additions to the range being launched at the show.

01908 685000Hotelympia stand number: N2816


Product Meiko's FV40.2G-GiO glass washer

USP Using reverse osmosis (RO) water treatment signals in the washing process and eliminating the need of water softeners and related costs. The GiO system contained within the machine needs no independent softener apparatus for pre-conditioning the incoming raw water. It saves 1-1.5ml detergent and 0.50-0.75ml rinse air per cycle and also eliminates the need of powder or liquid chlorinated chemicals.

Hotelympia Stand Number: N1329


Product Alto-Shaam

Details The AS250, a new cook and hold oven from Alto-Shaam which cooks, roasts, re-heats and holds food, maintaining its freshness and minimising shrinkage. Halo Heat technology applies a controlled, uniformed heat and monitors temperature and moisture closely. It knows exactly when food is cooked to its required state, switching from cook to hold mode without staff intervention. The AS250 is a counter-top model; easily portable with a stackable design.

01355 244111
Hotelympia Stand Number: S1610 and S1620


Product Piacere Touch

USP New touch screen bean-to-cup machine

Details Sielaff's best selling bean-to-cup coffee machine has been equipped with an interactive sensitive touch operating screen in place of buttons. Offering a full menu of hot drinks from espresso or cappuccino to latte macchiato or hot chocolate, all prepared to order by simply touching the screen. The Piacere is available with dual grinders so that a choice of coffees may be offered. The Piacere Touch may be ordered with a chilled fresh milk module or configured with an additional soluble ingredient hopper for whitener, hot chocolate or flavouring. Hot water is standard on all models, making the Piacere a compact beverage centre with up to six different configurations to suit any catering outlet.

More on the stand Combimat 75, a combination machine for both cold drinks and snacks and the innovative self-service coffee bar, Barista Uno.

SupplierSielaff UK01992 743010" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer"> ]( stand number: S3046


Products Stay-warm Bread Basket and Cryo Glass

Details The Stay-warm Bread Basket is a hessian sack with cherry stones sewn in. The sack can be heated (oven or microwave) and will retain the heat, keeping the bread warm. The sacks have a rustic look enhancing the presentation of the bread and can be used for breakfast, lunch or dinner when bread is served. The Cryo Glass presentation bowl (shortlisted as a finalist in the Innovation Awards) allows fantastic theatre using liquid nitrogen to create quick, frozen food offerings in front of the customer while using the spectacular effect of dry ice.

SupplierMerlin Buffet Systems
0844 880 5407
Hotelympia Stand Number: N1919

12. V20 TAP

Product V20 tap

Development The V20 tap has been taken to the next level with a complete design overhaul which includes a futuristic new control system and a more stylish look.

More to see Table Water Bottling System and LinkLine, a system that networks your drinking water.

0845 674 9655
[ ]( Stand Number: N2839


Product Tafelstern from the Solutions range

USP Coffee occasion solution.

Details The new modular system combines imaginative design with practical shapes that enable operators to present a wide variety of accompanying small plates of sweet or savoury items in recognition of the ongoing trend in snacking and grazing throughout the day. Made from the finest German hard porcelain, items in the "Solutions" range include rectangular shaped plates and platters, for best use of space on table and in storage, and gently conically fluted cups to enhance the aroma of the coffee, all designed to work together.

Colour Classic white

More to see Coloured pots for buffet service, stainless-steel tableware items including champagne buckets designed by Jette Joop and a cheerful range of children's items to make mealtimes more fun for the younger diner.

Supplier: WMF UK Ltd
Hotelympia Stand Number: N2110


Product Samsung ecobubble technology

USP Potential to reduce energy consumption

How it works The ecobubble system generates bubbles before the wash cycle begins, by dissolving detergent in air and water. The detergent then penetrates fabric more quickly, evenly and deeply, which means operators can wash with cold water and still achieve perfectly clean results. In tests, the machines achieved just as good results at 15°C as conventional laundry equipment achieves at 40°C, saving both energy and cost.

SupplierSamsung Electronics
01932 455000
Hotelympia Stand Number: Nisbets N1846


Product Chez Toi coffee range

USP A new range of original coffees and speciality teas aimed at restaurants and hotel lounge service.

Details Comprising a choice of eight select original coffees presented in individual sachets for cafetières together with Newby leaf teas and tea bags. Caterers receive a stylish presentation case for the coffee plus a hot water boiler, personalised beverage menus and a supply of stylish individual glass cafetières - all free on loan.

Take home For caterers wishing to promote Chez Toi to their customers for home consumption, Café du Monde supplies illustrated ordering booklets for guests.

SupplierCafé du Monde
01322 284804
Hotelympia stand number: N2950


Product:Tea Jack

USP High quality loose tea in large tea bags for teapots.

Details Pre-weighed amounts of loose tea to make life easier and reduce preparation time. Pack includes a generous special paper filter with an extending fold for 0.3 and 0.5 litre teapots. Practical labels for easy recognition of the different blends and handlings.

Flavours include Darjeeling Royal First Flush; English Select Ceylon Orange Pekoe; Sun of Asia Green Tea and Bio Peppermint

SupplierEilles Tee UK/Ico Catering020 7160
Hotelympia Stand Number: N2842


Product Charbrew Tea

USP High quality tea blends using whole leaves, whole herbs, whole flowers and mesh pyramid tea bags that are fully biodegradable, made of specialised corn starch.

Details Following a successful national retail launch in 2011 which saw Charbrew - the brainchild of North-west Entrepreneur Adam Soliman, aged 23, - launch into 400 Sainsbury's stores, the British brand has revealed its new food service range aimed at the younger tea drinker.

Flavours English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Green Tea, Camomile, Chai Tea and Peppermint.

Available through 3663 and Caterfood from February 2012

Hotelympia Stand Number: N2944


Product Gram Compact 310 refrigerator

USP Compact design

Details Total height of 132.5cm including castors and with the addition of a plinth the height can be adjusted for any individual kitchen. The "table top" of the cabinet is an ideal location for a piece of equipment such as a microwave oven, offering just the right ergonomic working height.

01322 616900
Hotelympia stand Number: N1309


Product KUR12-2 Turbo Air Refrigeration

Details One of a range of new products from Katerbay at Hotelympia is the KUR12-2 under-counter fridge. The stainless-steel cabinet incorporates a cooling system that ensures an even cold air temperature in the inner storage area to preserve meats and fresh produce. The reach-in area is easy to access and prevents food spillage.

Capacity 311 litres

Temperature range Between +0°C and +8°C

Useful features Self-closing doors and an alarm that sounds when the door is left open.

0845 872 5000
Hotelympia Stand Number: N1159


Product Diamond Point Griddle

Mini case study The first user of the Diamond Point in the UK is Ian Rudge, head chef at the Rib Room, Jeumeirah Carlton Tower. He said: "The Chargrill in my last place was a brand new Charvet, so I was able to compare performance. The bars hold a lot more heat than before, so are not as affected by over use, where the old one would cool down quite a lot and then steaks would stick to the bars. Because of the heat and lack of sticking, the bars seem to keep cleaner for longer. The coals (briqettes) do keep hot for a long time after use."

Next steps The diamond point griddle is available on new ranges or can be retro-fitted to existing units.

Size 400 x 500mm in 800 series and 400 x 680mm in 900 series.

SupplierCharvet Premier Ranges
01342 717936
Hotelympia Stand Number: N1310


Product[CHEF ]( Fonds Brun Lié

USP Each flake contains 100% of the original ingredients present in the stock. The format is more versatile than powder and is ideal for adding colour, flavour and texture to pastry, pannes, jellies, marinades, soups and stews.

Details The newest addition to the Nestlé Jus en flocons (Flakes) range, this new product is an extension to the flakes range, launched in September 2011. The flakes dissolve quickly enabling chefs to prepare more than jus.

SupplierNestlé Professional
0800 742842
Hotelympia Stand Number: S3030


Product[Merrychef e2

USP Ideal solution for a variety of smaller establishments such as cafés, tearooms and kiosks.

Details The new patented heat transfer method uses planar plumes to provide fast and efficient crispy cooking with uniform browning. A wide variety of popular snacks such as paninis, pizza cones and chicken wraps can be cooked very quickly to a very high repeatable standard.

Features EasyTOUCH Control panel that has the ability to store up to 1,024 six-stage recipe programs and advanced cooking technology that is claimed to be 10 times faster than using conventional methods. The power management system helps to keep power below 13 amps (a 30amp version is also available). All of this technology is packaged within a small, low noise, vent less product that complements your cooking environment.

SupplierManitowoc Foodservice01483 464900Hotelympia Stand Number: N1869/1870


Product Sustainable refrigeration

Details True refrigerators are designed larger than the industry standard. This means they pull down and recover temperature quickly, resulting in short run times which save energy. Lower energy consumption means lower running costs and shorter run times mean the system works less hard and lasts longer. True offer a five-year compressor warranty and use completely sealed, oil filled, self-lubricating fan motors with a life expectancy of 15 to 20 years. Its Ecomate foamed-in-place CFC-free polyurethane, high-density insulation has zero ozone depletion potential and zero global warming potential.

SupplierTrue Refrigeration
01709 888888
Hotelympia Stand Number: 1640


Product Hydramist 15AMPU

USP Fast acting and effective fire suppression system that reduces water use and residual water damage as well as reducing smoke spread from the fire.

Approval Designed primarily for fire suppression on deep fat fryers in commercial kitchens, the Hydramist 15AMPU has been tested and approved by the LPCB LPS1223 standard.

Features Continuous operation until manually stopped. Easy to install. Stainless-steel case to meet food standards.

SupplierFireworks Protection Ltd
0800 975 7462
Hotelympia stand number: S1133


Product Fruit-based Liqueur Glaze

USP Said to be a world-first, Gourmet Classic - a specialist supplier of cooking wines and alcohol for the food service sector - is urging chefs to get creative in the kitchen by revealing a new fruit based Liqueur Glaze which the company claims will "quickly become the secret ingredient in many a signature dish". The glazes have been developed using natural fruit extracts and contain authentic premium liqueur for flavour with a minimum alcohol level of 5%.

The range Crème de Cassis, Apple, Cherry Brandy, Orange, Crème de Framboise, Crème de Menthe and Amaretto.

Size All Liqueur Glazes are conveniently packed in 350ml squeeze bottles.

SupplierGourmet Classic
01202 863040
Hotelympia stand number: S315

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