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4 August: Grab & Go Food – Hot & Cold

The UK “grab and go” market is valued at £20 billion and caters for consumers 24/7. But how are product developers and operators staying ahead in this hugely competitive sector?

The Caterer will be looking at innovations, from snacks and light bites to substantial meals and beverages. We are also interested in hearing about new methods of packaging and delivery.

Contact:  Richard McComb (07974 724297)
DEADLINE for copy and pictures: 7 July

18 August:  Potato Products

Where would a catering operator be without potatoes? Without chips, mashed potatoes, smashed potatoes, roast potatoes, boiled potatoes, sautéed potatoes, new potatoes, parmentier potatoes, dauphinoise potatoes and that is before you even get onto potato salads and crisps. So, what potato products offer is going to make the best margins for an operator? What are the latest new potato products and ideas on the market? And how do you combat any negativity towards potatoes on the part of consumers?

Contact:  Anne Bruce, 07931 521309
DEADLINE for copy and pictures:  7 July 2017

25 August: Tableware

Have we got past the slate, rustic- and industrial-themed phase for casual dining table and glassware and when is a splash of colour permissible? Is it still all white on the night for fine dining? We examine current trends.

Contact:  Kathy Bowry 0791 805 6098 or email
DEADLINE for copy and pictures:  14 July 2017

1 September:  Bottled Water

The bottled water market is unrecognisable from 10 years ago and sustained growth throughout the catering and hospitality sector is predicted. From still to carbonated and flavoured waters, what does the future hold? And how are suppliers facing up to the challenges posed by the recycling and sustainability agenda? Is it ethical to import water? And are customers looking for particular tastes and product presentation when it comes to h2o in restaurants, bars and grab-and-go counters?

Contact:  Richard McComb (07974 724297)
DEADLINE for copy and pictures: 28 July

29 September: Rice and Pasta

How is the public’s expanding exploration of world cuisine (such as Vietnamese and Eastern Mediterranean) bringing new life to rice, pasta and noodle dishes? How are caterers and suppliers responding to the growing power of pulses, beans and legumes and the hottest new grains from around the globe? And what is new in terms of pasta styles, rice pairings and gluten-free options?

Contact: Angela Frewin on
DEADLINE for copy and pictures:  24 August 2017

13 October: Stocks and Sauces

Stocks and sauces provide an easy way for caterers to refresh their menus with the latest taste trends from around the world. We will be looking at which global cuisines are bringing new flavours to the table, how popular hot and spicy sauces are evolving (smoky, fruity or boozy for instance) and what is bubbling under.

Contact: Angela Frewin on
DEADLINE for copy and pictures:  1 September 2017

17 November: Desserts

How are caterers and suppliers balancing the need for a tempting treat against the growing demand for healthy, clean eating on their dessert menus – and do they need to? What impact are world cuisine and flavours having on the sweets trolley and what new concoctions, updated classics and fusion-style hybrids are currently creating the wow factor?

Contact: Angela Frewin on
DEADLINE for copy and pictures:  6 October 2017

1 December:  Bakery

Bakery could be said to have undergone a renaissance in the last few years, with sourdough artisan products now on the mainstream menu and the brioche bun the best friend of the gourmet burger. But how do you ensure your bakery offer adds to your profit margin? What sort of bakery products should you offer, how much variety is advisable, and how should you go about sourcing your supply?

Contact:  Anne Bruce, 07931 521309
DEADLINE for copy and pictures:  27 October 2017



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