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17 May 2019: Pub grub

From carveries to gastro, pub grub is still one of the most popular out-of-home eating choices, but pub operators need to continually update and refresh their menus in a changing consumer market. This feature looks at:

  • Trends: What wider consumers trends and demographics are driving pub food?
  • Menu planning: How should pub operators balance menus to offer both value-for-money and maintain customer interest?
  • Case studies: How are the best pub operators keeping pub food relevant in the competitive casual dining market?
  • Supplier advice and support on a successful pub food offer.
  • New products: A round-up of interesting products for pub menus.

Contact: John Porter,, 07734 054389
Deadline for copy and pictures: 5 April 2019

24 May 2019: Tableware

Tableware is a sector that combines style and substance. Not only does it need to be practical, durable and hygienic, it’s also a trend-driven fashion and brand statement, an integral part of the restaurant ambience, and a showcase for for the food.

We will be looking at:

  • How the different materials, shapes, colours, textures, and patterns affect
  1. a) the way diners experience and taste food
  2. b) how operators present and portion meals
  • The impact of current and emerging food trends on tableware styles
  • What’s hot and what’s yesterday’s news on the tableware catwalk?

Contact: Angela Frewin, on
Deadline for copy and pictures: 12 April 2019

 7 June 2019: Summer drinks

Summer is a peak time for drinks sales, and an ideal time for operators to refresh the range of beers, ciders, wines, spirits and soft drinks they offer. This feature looks at:

  • Trends: What factors driving on-trade drinks sales in summer?
  • Range planning: How should operators approach selecting their drinks range for the summer market?
  • Premiumisation: As consumers ‘drink less, but drink better’, how can operators tap into demand for premium drinks ranges for summer?
  • Supplier advice and support for a successful summer drinks offer.
  • New products: A round-up of interesting new beers, ciders, wines, spirits and soft drinks for summer.

Contact: John Porter,, 07734 054389
Deadline for copy and pictures: 26 April 2019

14 June 2019: Prime Cooking equipment

Consumer demand for an increasing array of food styles and global cuisines is putting new demands on kitchen equipment. At the same time, operators are under pressure to trim costs and hit efficiency targets.

So what is the essential prime cooking equipment for the modern commercial kitchen? And how do they serve the sometimes competing demands of chefs and business owners?

The Caterer will be looking at the latest products across the professional range, from convection/combi ovens and grills, salamanders and planchas to steamers and bratt pans.

Contact: Richard McComb on

21 June 2019: Vegetarian and vegan

The demand for plant-based dishes has never been higher, but much of the impetus is coming from flexitarians and meat-reducers that are not, like vegetarians and vegans, a dependably captive audience.

We will be looking at the products, recipes and strategies that are helping plant-based dishes capture the attention of the part-time vegetarians as well as the hardcore meat- and animal-product avoiders.

Topics will include:

  • What plant ingredients, flavours and dishes are currently top of the pops?
  • Ways operators can plug the nutritional gaps in vegan diets (such as iodine and vitamin B12)?
  • Which ethnic cuisines are in vogue?
  • what are the rising stars of veg-centric cuisine?
  • How important are direct meat substitutes; ‘clean’ ingredients; nutrient-dense foods; colour and appearance?

Contact: Angela Frewin, on
Deadline for copy and pictures: 10 May 2019

28 June 2019: Pâtisserie and chocolate

This feature offers an opportunity for pâtisserie and chocolate suppliers and producers to tell our readers about the latest sweet creations being consumed.  Are afternoon teas still as popular, or are we cutting down on sweet treats?

How can operators select and upsell pâtisserie and chocolate, what are the latest techniques – to ensure eye appeal and what are the best new products on the market?

Contact: Lisa Jenkins,
Deadline for copy and pictures: 17 May 2019

12 July 2019: Hot and cold/grab and go

Some like it hot, some like it cold, but one thing is for sure, consumers’ expectations of and demand for tasty food on the go continue to grow. Getting your offer right sets the tone for your whole business and builds up an easy customer base. So, what are the latest trends in this hotly contested area and how do you make sure that your range does not leave anyone cold?

Contact: Anne Bruce,, 07931 521309
Deadline for copy and pictures: 31 May 2019

19 July 2019: Cold-brew drinks

It was said that the lengthy hot spell of 2018 was the ideal opportunity to test out public reaction to cold and iced coffees and teas. It is generally reckoned that the public response was good – so how do we make the most of it this year?

Contact: Ian Boughton,, 01692 535660
Deadline for copy and pictures: 7 June 2019

26 July 2019: Seafood

This expansive seafood feature will look at the benefits of using frozen fish versus fresh fish, and if this impacts on the flavour profile? Is it a myth that fresh is best? We will aim to offer advice on the most sustainable species to be using on your autumn and winter menus with examples of dishes incorporating these products, exploring cooking styles and trends. We will examine the best ways for operators to increase sales of seafood on their menus and overcome some of the consumer challenges such as bones and limited species knowledge.

Contact: Lisa Jenkins

16 August 2019: Temperature Monitoring

Testing the temperature of food to ensure it is correctly stored and cooked is an essential, if unloved, procedure to keep customers safe, comply with HACCP regulations, avoid prosecution or close down, and reduce waste.

We will be looking at the latest digital temperature monitoring equipment – both built-in and retrofittable standalone devices – that can help caterers keep on top of food temperature testing – and prove they have done so to the authorities. Tips on best practice, advice on how to overcome the biggest obstacles to temperature testing, and operator case studies are all welcome.

Contact: Angela Frewin, on


23 August 2019: Bakery Trends

Bread has been transformed in the last few years, with sourdough now a high-street staple. But that doesn’t mean the revolution is over: ideas from across the UK, the Continent and around the world will continue to influence British baking trends this year. We’ll find out what should be in your oven by speaking to the most interesting bakers and dividing what’s here to stay from what will soon be on its way.

Contact: Will Hawkes, 07786 160248

6 September 2019: Breakfast beverages

A serious deciding factor in whether a guest wants to return to a hotel or a restaurant for breakfast is the standard of the coffee and tea. In a rush period, attending to hot beverages can be a pain – so, what is the secret of producing top-notch coffee and tea in a high-pressure situation?

Contact: Ian Boughton,, 01692 535660
Deadline for copy and pictures: 26 July 2019

13 September 2019: World Food Flavours

From Polish stews to Gujarati street snacks, Britons have the best of many, many worlds when it comes to what they choose to eat. That’s why it’s harder than ever to discover what’s going to follow Japanese-style noodles and Portuguese hot chicken into the mainstream; we’ll take a look at the runners and riders as we speak to some of urban Britain’s most interesting new operators and discover how restaurants of all sizes and budgets can add a little extra flavour to their offer.
Contact: Will Hawkes, 07786 160248

4 October 2019: Stocks and Sauce

As the base of so many great dishes – and a great shortcut to a wide variety of flavours – stocks and sauces are crucial to any serious food operation. We’ll take a look at what’s new, what’s trusted and what’s downright delicious, and talk to the most interesting names in the game, as we aim to get to the essence of this most essential food-service element.

Contact: Will Hawkes, 07786 160248

11 October 2019: In-room hotel products and services

In-room snacks, drinks and guest “freebies” used to be limited to a few miniatures in the minibar, a Kit Kat and a paper-thin bar of soap.

But what products and services are luring guests in 2019 as hotels seek to distinguish their identity and their offer? What do guests expect – and how do businesses fulfil such expectations without it hitting their bottom line?

The Caterer will be looking at in-room products at all ends of the sector to include hot and cold beverages, snacks, confectionary, toiletries, flowers and just about everything. Suppliers and hotels are invited to contribute new ideas and highlight product ranges.
Contact: Richard McComb on

18 October 2019: Bottled water

With water very much in vogue with the modern consumer, how do you get your offer right? What are the pros and cons of filtered water over bottled spring and mineral waters? What are the most customer-pleasing and cost-effective solutions? How do you address environmental concerns in this area?

Contact: Anne Bruce,, 07931 521309
Deadline for copy and pictures: 6 September 2019

25 October 2019: Care catering trends and products

Care homes present one of the most challenging environments for caterers. There is huge pressure to provide nutritionally balanced diets that are visually appealing and flavoursome and are also suitable for a diverse range of people with a variety of health needs.

In this feature, The Caterer will be looking at new trends in the market as well as new preparations, presentations and dishes.

Contact: Richard McComb on

8 November 2019: Hot beverages round up

One secret to making the most of your beverage service is recognising that the tea and coffee sectors do not stand still – every year, without fail, there are new ideas in beverages, and useful new product developments in brewing technology.  We shall look at what is most helpful for the caterer.

Contact: Ian Boughton,, 01692 535660
Deadline for copy and pictures: 27 September 2019

15 November 2019: Desserts

Every menu needs some sweetness, particularly as operators look to maximise revenue in these difficult financial times. Luckily, there’s plenty of great ideas out there to inspire, from Filipino ice cream to delicate Japanese cakes. We’ll speak to today’s most important innovators to discover which ideas have the legs to add value to any menu.
Contact: Will Hawkes, 07786 160248
22 November 2019: Cleaning and hygiene

However great your business, a lack of hygiene will get customers heading through the doors in the wrong direction faster than you can say infestation. So, what are the best strategies and products when it comes to cleaning and hygiene in the foodservice and hospitality sectors? And how do you make sure that you are maintaining a spotless environment while also keeping a tight rein on your budget?

Contact: Anne Bruce,, 07931 521309
Deadline for copy and pictures: 11 October 2019

29 November 2019: Milk and cheese

From a morning latte to an after-dinner cheeseboard, via pizza toppings and crème fraîche sauces, dairy in all its forms is much in demand in the foodservice arena. So, what are the latest products and trends in this area? And with demand from vegan and vegetarian customers growing, what dairy-free alternatives are on offer?

Contact: Anne Bruce,, 07931 521309
Deadline for copy and pictures: 18 October 2019

6 December 2019: Tea  

The big drawback to catering tea is that consumers are not inclined to pay for something they think they can make perfectly well at home.  Some caterers still assume that tea is all the same and comes in a cheap bag – one major brand says it has actually seen a restaurant serve to its customers a bagged tea which their own employees won’t drink it in the staff room. However, another big brand reports that forty per cent of consumers say they will choose tea in a café or restaurant situation, and pay well for it, if that tea is of recognisably high quality.

Contact: Ian Boughton,, 01692 535660
Deadline for copy and pictures: 25 October 2019

13 December 2019: Waste management

Food waste management has become a high-profile issue in commercial kitchens as reducing food waste helps reduce costs for operators, makes the best use of natural resources, and reduces the landfill pressures on the environment.

Good waste management boosts a business’s eco-credentials – and no-one wants to be named and shamed as the creator of a monster fatberg blocking their neighbour’s drains!

We will be looking how operators can tackle this issue by:

  • Adopting a nose-to-tail or root-to-shoot approach to lower their levels of waste.
  • Investing in food-waste systems such as macerators, de-waterers, vacuum- and pumped-waste systems and composters – which can yield potentially profitable by-products such as biofuel and compost.

We are especially interested in case studies of how operators are tackling – and benefiting from – both approaches.

Contact: Angela Frewin, on
Deadline for copy and pictures: 1 November 2019


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