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13 July: Seafish and shellfish

Seafish is hot. The UK’s most exciting new openings are taking the best ingredients from the sea and spicing them up, producing fish tacos, tapas and more besides as they try to lure health-conscious, flavour-first punters through the door. We’ll take a look at this trend and everything else exciting, high-quality and new in this ever-evolving category. We’ll find out where to find the best ingredients – and, crucially, what operators can do to make the most out of fish and shellfish.

Contact: Will Hawkes,
DEADLINE For copy and pictures: 7 June 2018

27 July: Vegetarian and vegan

As the numbers of vegetarian, vegan and flexitarian customers continue to rise, we will be looking at how operators can satisfy this demand and make money from plant-based dishes. What new products are helping chefs serve up nutritious, flavoursome and tempting meals and how are operators promoting them on their menus? With the choice of ingredients from around the world almost limitless, how can operators determine which are currently on-trend with consumers and what are the emerging contenders?

Contact: Angela Frewin on
DEADLINE for copy and pictures: 15 June 2018

3 August: Meat and poultry – roasts

Roast beef may reign supreme in British culture, but what other cuts and joints are capturing the imagination and tastes of diners in 2018?

The Caterer will be looking at the changing face of the modern roast, in terms of products, service style and presentation. What are the most cost-effective and tasty options on the market for the restaurant, hotel and foodservice sector?

Is the globalisation of the dining market, and the adoption of exciting new cuisines, introducing new meat and poultry products and tastes to the booming dining out market?

We would like to hear from producers and suppliers, as well as chefs and restaurateurs, about the changing face of this key market. And with caterers turning their minds to Christmas menus, what will be hot around the festive table for 2018?

Contact: Richard McComb on
DEADLINE for copy and pictures: 29 June 2018

10 August: Disposables

Food and drink eaten on the go is still a growth area for operators, making disposable products an essential part of more catering operations than ever. However, pressure to reduce waste and recycle more continues to be applied. This feature looks at:
• Current legislative issues affecting disposables, including industry initiatives to reduce waste
• Trends and statistics: What factors are driving the food-to-go market and driving demand for disposables?
• Supplier advice and support
• Plastic straws: Some operators have moved to reduce or replace plastic straws, but are there other eco-friendly alternatives?
• New products on the market
• Operator case studies and comment.

All content suggestions will be considered but they must hit the brief and be engaging.

Contact: John Porter,, 07734 054389

17 August: Temperature monitoring equipment

Technology is playing an increasingly important role in the food and catering sector, nowhere more so than with temperature monitoring.

From individual items of kit to integrated management systems, the range of solutions is vast. But what are the best products on the market? Which ones offer the best value for money? And what will the monitoring kit of the future look like for independent chefs and large food service operators?

The Caterer would like to hear from suppliers, product developers and restaurants about the latest technology. Practical, concise case studies are also welcome.

Contact: Richard McComb on
DEADLINE for copy and pictures: 6 July 2018

7 September: Breakfast beverages

The market for early to mid-morning beverages has become a vibrant one, with artisan coffee, fruit teas, superfood shakes, fruit juices and even cocktails vying for attention. A good drinks menu can make or break an operator’s morning trade, so what are the latest trends in breakfast drinks? What are the key components of a profitable breakfast beverages range and how is the current economic climate affecting sales?

Contact:  Anne Bruce, 07931 521309
DEADLINE for copy and pictures:  27 July 2018

14 September: Dairy

The dairy economy has long been a linchpin of the UK economy, but producers are facing tough competition from a new generation of “free-from” alternatives. The Caterer will be looking at this growing trend and is welcoming contributions from producers and suppliers.

We will also be looking at the range of “traditional” options in the dairy product market – those that are established, evolving and new – and reporting on the cheeses from around the world that are now being offered on cheeseboards in cafés, bars and restaurants.

If you have a new dairy product or “free-from” alternative coming to the market, we would love to hear from you.

Contact: Richard McComb on
DEADLINE for copy and pictures: 3 August 2018

5 October: Water filtration and taps           

What are the pros and cons for an operator in offering filtered water or adding to your drinks menu alongside bottled brands?

Will your brand or margins suffer? Or will you build customer loyalty in the current economic climate? How much waste will you reduce?

We look at the latest water filtration options for restaurants, cafés and food service operators, and innovations in design, maintenance and delivery.

Contact:  Anne Bruce, 07931 521309
DEADLINE for copy and pictures:  31 August 2018

12 October: Special diet/health and nutrition

For an ever-growing number of customers, what counts is what is NOT in the food on their plate. Many diners are spurning ingredients deemed unhealthy (such as refined sugar, pesticides, and artificial additives) while others need to avoid foods that can trigger intolerance or allergy symptoms –  the eight key offenders being wheat/gluten, eggs and dairy, fish and shellfish, peanuts and tree nuts, and soy.

With continued growth predicted for the free-from sector, We will be looking at:
• the products and alternative ingredients enabling operators to cater for special dietary requirements – whether for medical or general lifestyle and wellbeing reasons
• practical tips on how to achieve this without overstretching menus, budgets and storage space.
• how best to advertise and promote free-from options

Contact: Angela Frewin, on
DEADLINE for copy and pictures: 7 September 2018

19 October: Bottled water

Bottled water is increasingly popular with health-conscious diners and “grab-and-go” customers. No restaurant or food outlet is complete without an attractive water proposition, with products offering strong margins for retailers. But with so many brands on the market, how do suppliers persuade food outlets – and consumers – to pick their products?

The backlash against plastic waste, and environmental concerns, raise specific challenges. And, crucially, why should diners fork out extra cash on bottled products when the water that comes out of the tap is perfectly acceptable, and free?

The Caterer will be looking at the changing face of the bottled water market in hospitality and foodservice and would like to hear from brands and food operators with compelling stories, insightful comments and new (or re-launched) products.

Contact: Richard McComb on
DEADLINE for copy and pictures: 7 September 2018

26 October:  Stocks and Sauces                

Stocks and sauces provide an easy way for caterers to add excitement to their menus and reflect the latest taste and flavour trends from around the world.

We will be looking at which global cuisines are on trend in the UK and what is bubbling under. What are the big hitters when it comes to sauces and stocks.

And how should stocks and sauces be highlighted on menus to add value and increase margins?

Contact:  Anne Bruce, 07931 521309
DEADLINE for copy and pictures: 14 September 2018

2 November 2018: The experts on hot beverages

How much can expert opinion help us to develop our hot beverage business? 

As always, at the turn of last year, experts queued up to predict what would be this year’s trends in tea and coffee – were they right, and if so, what have we learned from this year’s trade? What have our suppliers done to help us source and sell the most profitable drinks and ingredients and choose the best brewing equipment to make the most of next year’s trade? 

Suppliers are invited to tell us about their latest work which will keep us all up to date with consumer trends.

Contact: Ian Boughton,, 01692 535660
DEADLINE for copy and pictures: 21 September 2018

9 November: Cleaning and hygiene 

Cleanliness and hygiene are essential if hospitality operators want to make a favourable first – and lasting – impression on their customers. A recent survey found that bedroom cleanliness topped the essentials list for hotel visitors.

We will be looking at what operators and suppliers can do to keep customers and hygiene inspectors happy.

• What products and processes help operators blitz the grime and streamline the housekeeping operation?
• Which parts of an establishment present the biggest cleaning headaches?
• What are the biggest cleaning problems – and their solutions?
• Can eco-friendly solutions provide the sparkle and sanitary standards required
• Operator case studies are welcome

Contact: Angela Frewin, on
DEADLINE for copy and pictures: 21 September 2018

16 November: Desserts

From cutting-edge innovation and popular classics to quality prepared convenience, what’s hot in the world of desserts?

The Caterer will be taking a look at new and emerging flavours and culinary creations, and offering insights into the puddings and pâtisserie that are set to make an impact on menus in 2019.

We would love to hear from suppliers, development chefs and restaurants who are pushing the boundaries in terms of dessert products, flavours, storage and service. Whether it is pure indulgence, healthy options or vegan specials, we are looking to promote the delights of desserts.

Contact: Richard McComb on
DEADLINE for copy and pictures: 5 October 2018

30 November: Bakery           

What are the most popular baked products on the restaurant and foodservice menu? And what are the latest trends in bakery? From special diet to artisan and exotic breads from overseas, how can you ensure that your bakery offer ticks all your customers’ boxes, while also adding value to your menu and making you a satisfactory margin?

And with very few foodservice operators now baking from scratch on site, what are the pros and cons of the other supply options? Should you hook up with a local bakery, buy in bulk to thaw and serve or bake-off on the premises?

Contact:  Anne Bruce, 07931 521309
DEADLINE for copy and pictures:  19 October 2018


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