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6 January 2017
Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has become something close to a season, and there are plenty of opportunities for foodservice operators to make it special for couples of all descriptions, from offering a Valentine’s promotional menu to running higher-margin dishes, drinks and desserts. And what about the anti-Valentine trade – how can you offer an alternative to attract singletons?  We look at how to make Valentine’s Day’s day a red-letter day for your business.

Contact:  Anne Bruce, 07931 521309
DEADLINE for copy and pictures:  5 December 2016

13 January 2017
Chinese New Year

Chinese food is the most popular ethnic cuisine in the UK but how can operators stay ahead of the competition as we prepare to celebrate Chinese New Year? What are the new trends emerging in the UK’s Chinese food sector for the upcoming Year of the Rooster? We will be looking at the enduring attraction of traditional cuisine, from dim sum and BBQ to spicy Sichuan dishes and hot pots – and looking at ways restaurants and outlets are innovating in menu offers, restaurant design, food presentation and supplies.

Contact: Richard McComb 07974 724297
DEADLINE for copy and pictures: 12 December 2016

20 January 2017
Great Hospitality Show

The Great Hospitality Show will be the UK’s largest exhibition for foodservice and hospitality in 2017 and this feature will provide a sneak preview into who will be there; what they feel passionately about and which suppliers will be exhibiting.

Send us details of your plans for the show, whether that’s food and drink, catering equipment, technology, interiors or tabletop.

Contact: Lisa Jenkins
DEADLINE for copy and pictures: 19 December 2016

27 January 2017
Prime Cooking Equipment

CESA classes prime cooking equipment as convection ovens, grills and salamanders, griddles, and steamers. In short, the traditional accoutrements off a traditional kitchen. We look at modern versions that traditionalists will welcome into their kitchens for their energy efficiencies and ease of use and cleaning.

Contact:  Kathy Bowry 01273 579367 or email
DEADLINE for copy and pictures:  28 December 2016

3 February 2017
Beverage Equipment

In this update feature – we will discover all that is current and new in the world of coffee machine equipment.  Is the use of the full traditional espresso machine still de rigueur, or have the bean to cup machines taken the lead in terms of market share?  Have sales of capsule machines remained stable? And what about filter; what equipment is being used to make this in our hotels, restaurants and bars, and has the quality and understanding of filter coffee been improved?

Contact:  Lisa Jenkins
DEADLINE for copy and pictures:  6 January 2017

10 February 2017
Casual Dining

Casual dining is evolving fast. Customers are flocking to venues that offer high-quality food with the minimum of faff. A new wave of markets – like Mercato Metropolitano and Boxpark Croydon – have evolved out of London’s street-food scene, while the trend for sitting at the bar has drifted down from high-end dining. Chicken is big again, either deep-fried or served as hot wings, and new-wave pizza is taking over London’s better pubs. Healthier food continues to progress, and the craft-beer revolution is changing the offer at the UK’s best casual dining restaurants.

Contact:   Mobile: 07786 160248
DEADLINE for copy and pictures:  6 January 2017

17 February 2017
Pancakes: batters and toppings

With Britain gearing up to celebrate the humble pancake later this month, we will be looking at:

• The best batter recipes for pancakes of all varieties, including English, Scotch, French and American
• How to cater for gluten, dairy and sugar-free diets – and vegans.
• The pros and cons of opting for ready-made and scratch-made batters and pancakes.
• Which seasonings and toppings (sweet and savoury) are currently in vogue and what can caterers offer to create a point of difference.

Contact: Angela Frewin on
DEADLINE for copy and pictures:  13 January 2017

24 February 2017
Cleaning and Hygiene

Cleanliness in a kitchen is paramount and failure to attend to this by putting in place stringent cleaning and hygiene strategies can lead to shut down or even prosecution. We look at the products and service that can ensure caterers are up to date on legislation and squeaky clean in practice.

Contact:  Kathy Bowry 01273 579367 or email
DEADLINE for copy and pictures:  20 January 2017

3 March 2017
Soft Drinks, Mixers and Juices

Soft drinks are firmly in the firing line as health concerns about sugar consumption grow, and are also an important category for caterers in terms of the overall drinks offer. This feature covers:
•    The sugar tax: The latest developments in terms of both the government’s plans and the industry’s response.
•    A Healthier range: What are the options for operators in offering a range of healthier soft drinks?
•    Understanding the occasion: When do customers want healthy soft drinks when eating out, and when is indulgence more important?
•    Premium soft drinks: With an increasing number of craft and artisan soft drinks producers targeting the catering sector, how should operators approach premiumising their soft drinks range?
•    New products: The latest products from soft drinks suppliers.

Contact: John Porter,, 07734 054389
DEADLINE for copy and pictures:  27 January 2017

10 March 2017
Hot Beverages

What’s hot in hot beverages? The Caterer will be taking a look at the last products and innovations in this hugely competitive market and asking how operators can maximise – and retain – sales.

We will be looking at new developments in tea, coffee and hot chocolate – including product, presentation and service – as well as specialist drinks such as chai and herbal infusions.

Is the public willing to pay for exciting premium products? And with health playing such an important role in the food and drink sector, we will looking at the future for healthier yet tasty options.

Contact: Richard McComb 07974 724297
DEADLINE for copy and pictures: 3 February 2017

17 March 2017
IFE Preview

The International Food & Drink Event (IFE) is a biennial exhibition showcasing pioneering and new food & drink products. Taking place from the 19 to 22 March 2017 at London’s Excel this preview will focus on what’s going on at the show, the feature, speakers, demos and innovations.

Contact: Lisa Jenkins
DEADLINE for copy and pictures: 10 February 2017

24 March
Olive Oils

In this feature on Olive Oils we will focus on how olive oils can be used to enhance flavours in cooking, as well as a condiment.  We will look at some of the main varieties of Olive Oil and where they come from, and how they can help you adapt and improve your recipes.  We will examine the history of the humble olive and delve into some of the health benefits.

Contact: Lisa Jenkins
DEADLINE for copy and pictures: 17 February 2017

31 March

Whether for freezing, chilling or storing, choosing the right refrigeration has a massive impact on your business. Get expert help on choosing the right unit for your business in terms of size and menu. We will also be looking at the most energy efficient units of the new generation of refrigeration – they will be running 24/7, 365 days of the year, so it is important if you want to keep running costs low.

Contact:  Kathy Bowry 01273 579367 or email
DEADLINE for copy and pictures:  24 February 2017

7 April

We look at a a whole range of ware washers from under counter, through hood-type models to massive rack conveyor machines. We will be focusing on the ones that minimise water, fuel and chemical use, looking to save operators money while still turning in top cleaning.

Contact:  Kathy Bowry 01273 579367 or email
DEADLINE for copy and pictures:  3 March 2017

14 April
Special diet, health and nutrition

The quest for a healthier diet has spurred rising interest in the likes of raw veg, green smoothies, superfoods, ancient grains and gut-friendly cultured foods, along with organic/biodynamic produce, traditional artisan methods of preparation and free-from foods.

We will be looking at how consumer perceptions of healthy eating are changing, the current nutritional superheroes – and what food service suppliers and operators are doing to keep up with current trends.

Contact: Angela Frewin on
DEADLINE for copy and pictures:  10 March 2017

21 April 2017

With continued food & drink inflation forecast for 2017, and competition across the catering sector as intense as ever, how are wholesalers supporting operators? This feature looks at:
•    How to select a wholesaler: What is on offer in terms of range, price, quality and choice?
•    Shopping around: Should caterers with a single wholesaler or cherry pick the best deals?
•    Business support and market insight: Beyond price and range, how else can wholesalers add value for caterers?
•    NPD: Which areas are wholesalers focusing in in terms of product development?
•    Comment/case studies:  Examples of operators working successfully with wholesalers.

Contact: John Porter,, 07734 054389
DEADLINE for copy and pictures:  17 March 2017

5 May 2017
Laundry and linen

We examine the  pros and cons of outsourcing linen management to a commercial laundry that can manage everything from sourcing it to washing, repairing and complying to CSR requirements – or having your own on-premises laundry and control over the process yourself.

Contact:  Kathy Bowry 01273 579367 or email
DEADLINE for copy and pictures:  31 March 2017

May 12: Condiments and spices

How have global tastes affected the basic mix of catering cupboard essentials when it comes to condiments and spices? Are the traditional favourites adapting to changing appetites and what are the current on-trend flavours and formats from around the world?

Contact: Angela Frewin on
DEADLINE for copy and pictures:  7 April 2017




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